Versum updates

The popular Tasks function already provides assistance to more than 14 thousand salon and SPA professionals across the world. The function allows for the efficient planning and assigning of tasks to individual team members. You no longer have to drown in a sea of yellow post-it notes reminding you of your tasks. We have now extended the capabilities of this function to make your work with Versum even more productive.

Salon tips

Is asking a client to recommend your service to others a bit out of your comfort zone? Are you wondering how to go about approaching your client with this question, without running the risk of ruining your reputation as a professional? Perhaps you’re afraid of giving your client the impression you’re struggling to manage your tight schedule? By applying a few simple methods, you no longer have to fear such an awkward situation.

Salon tips

Loyal customers are priceless. They regularly come in and take advantage of your services, recommend your salon/spa to their friends, and leave positive feedback. But how and where to get them from? The solution – a reliable loyalty program for your salon, but not just any program. Focus on those which not only drag clients in for offers, but let them have a good time in doing so.

Company news

We’ve often reached out to talk with you, answered your questions, advised how to use our system and take advantage of its features. Since we are limited to communicating through email and phone most of the time, we figured we would try and build a bit more personal relationship with you by sharing a few photos of us.