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The powerful capabilities of text marketing are based on its high level of efficiency. This is thanks to the popularity of cell phones, and their owners’ attachment to them. Our phones are always close at hand, and we tend to automatically reach for them after we hear the the usual notification sound. A text doesn’t end up in the spam folder or in between other messages but right in your inbox. Nearly 100% of all text messages received are read, it’s second nature to us.

Salon tips


Having a well-defined target market for your spa or salon is very important for growing your business. Marketing your operations to the widest possible audience may seem like the best way to make more money but can you really afford it? And what sense does it make to do that in the first place? Many spa and salon owners say they go after anyone interested in their services. Some say they aim at young clientele, corporate crowd, or stay-at-home moms. All of these targets are too general. Following up on Seth Godin’s words: “Everyone is not your customer”.

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In an ideal world, your staff will approach their jobs with energy and enthusiasm every day and will be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that they are fairly compensated. This ideal world will give you a business with optimal staff retention, employees who give great service to loyal customers, and an ever-growing customer base. However, to act as if you lived in an ideal world is a risky business strategy, to say the least. The truth is, pay structure at your salon or spa has a strong effect on the motivation and job satisfaction of your employees, and ultimately – the long-term success of your business.

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Salon and spa managers are aware that regular and planned out contact with their clients is essential to maintaining excellent service records and creating new groups of loyal customers. Unfortunately however, the lack of time as well as the ever-growing amount of responsibilities often makes contact with clients more neglected, which is a costly mistake.

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Shrinkage is the loss of inventory. It reflects the difference between the recorded value of inventory and the actual value of inventory. Some business owners mistakenly think that loss of goods is a part of cost of doing business. While they have to factor loss into their bottom lines, it’s a costly problem, as margin and profitability of the operations will be negatively impacted. Inventory shrinkage levels vary by industry but generally keeping them in a range of 1 to 3 percent of sales is ideal. Understanding the principles of quantifying and reducing shrinkage is critical for the prosperity of hair and beauty businesses.

Salon tips

10 Tips to Keep Your Salon Data Safe

Whether it’s the customer database, financial reports or appointment history, salon data is one of your most valuable assets. At the same time, it also happens to be one of the most vulnerable ones. If not protected properly, it may easily be damaged, lost or stolen. Make sure you do everything you can to keep it safe. Check out the below list of the most important security measures for improving the safety of your salon data.

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When it comes to the customer experience, it’s very common for hair and beauty salon clients to be influenced by other people’s opinions of the services provided. Potential clients highly value this type of information as it lends the salon an air of credibility and integrity. And so the client is able to make a simple decision on which salon to visit.

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You have excellent service, a wonderfully decorated salon and a great team of experienced professionals. Your customers seem to be happy and appreciate the service, but… they don’t come back as often as you would like them to. Looks like you forgot that even truly satisfied customers need a bit of motivation to rebook a visit. It is your role to keep in touch and encourage them to come back.

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Effective resource management in your salon

Running a salon requires smooth organisation and exceptional time management. To achieve maximum profitability, you need to make the best use of both your staff and other available resources, such as equipment and rooms. Manual tracking of resource availability is far too laborious and time-consuming. To save your time and money, and make sure your business runs smoothly, you need to automate room and equipment management.