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The customer loyalty solution

Loyal customers are priceless. They regularly come in and take advantage of your services, recommend your salon/spa to their friends, and leave positive feedback. But how and where to get them from? The solution – a reliable loyalty program for your salon, but not just any program. Focus on those which not only drag clients in for offers, but let them have a good time in doing so.

Something memorable for your customers

A reliable loyalty program for your salon is an ideal way for your customers to win attractive awards. Customers collect points and exchange them for a variety of prizes – a hot-air balloon ride, or a weekend at spa they’ve always dreamed of and will never forget. Most importantly, these wonderful experiences will always be associated with your salon. A rewards catalog is the perfect tool in your salon system for stimulating the sales and promoting your products and services. Add new services or products to your list, this way customers can try something new – and might decide to regularly come in for that specific product or service.

Brand ambassadors who promote for YOU!

Satisfied customers are the ideal brand promoters for your salon. They know the exceptional quality of your services and products and are perfect in promoting them and bringing in new customers. All you need to do is find the right way to motivate them to do this for you. A loyalty program is that kind of motivational tool: rewarding your customers for successful referrals. Loyalty points can also be awarded for leaving positive reviews of your services, employees or your business overall. This way your salon gains more authentic recommendations which win the trust of new customers. It’s nothing new that positive reviews are the key to success, provided to you by the right salon software.

Lasting relations are what counts!

A loyalty program should allow your customers to easily enroll, have fun and claim great prizes.The centerpiece for building positive relations with your customers is a reliable loyalty program will make your brand stand out. Give loyalty points for your customer’s birthday, or organize an official awards ceremony and give out the winning prizes! Your customers will appreciate this! And who wouldn’t want to visit a salon for both excellent services and awesome rewards?

It’s that simple

Caring for your customer loyalty is a great investment in the long run – it pays off. Such opportunities keep your business on its feet and should not be left on their own. It’s crucial that your business uses the most reliable loyalty program for salons, to maintain and grow customer loyalty. An easy to use and elaborate loyalty program is offered to you by Versum, beauty salon software. Take advantage of its ready to use templates, or create your own, designed specifically to fit the needs of your business. The best solutions are found only in the best salon software systems.

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