Loyalty Program

Gain your customers’ loyalty and keep them coming back

Regular, loyal customers are your biggest asset. A loyalty program is a perfect way to keep them engaged and build lasting relationships. Forget about discounts - they simply reduce your revenue. Instead give your customers points for purchases, referrals or simply as a birthday gift. Engage your customers and gain their loyalty with the Loyalty Program module available in Versum.

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Boost your revenue

Build loyalty to increase your revenue
Building customer loyalty is like a long-term investment: it simply pays of. Loyal customers schedule appointments more frequently and spend more. Whereas offering discounts simply means lower revenue, which, needles to say, can be damaging to your business, the loyalty program will help you grow your customer base, boost appointments and improve your bottom line.

Give your customers something they will never forget

Offer attractive rewards

Rewards are the bread and butter of the loyalty program and the reason why customers want to keep coming back and collect points. A hot air balloon flight, a sports car ride or a lovely weekend at a spa hotel is something they will never forget. What’s important for you is that they will associate all those positive emotions with your brand.

You can include your services and products in the rewards catalog - it’s a perfect way to advertise them. This way you can also encourage your customers to try out your new offer.

Gain brand advocates who will proactively recommend your services

Loyalty Program
All your satisfied customers are your potential brand advocates. The only thing you need to do is encourage them to tell their friends about your business. Using the loyalty program, you can easily reward your customers for successful referrals. Everyone will benefit - yourself included, as it will help you to get more and more clients.

Gather positive reviews and build trust

More recommendations for your business
High volume of favourable reviews is the key to success in the hair and beauty industry. This is what builds your new customers’ trust. Loyalty points are a great incentive to spend some time reviewing your services. Genuine customer reviews will help you get new customers. Especially if you post them in social media so that everyone can see them.

Give your customers some fun

Give your customers a bit of fun
Customers love taking part in loyalty programs: collecting points and exchanging them for rewards gives them immense joy and sense of accomplishment. We all like getting presents and being appreciated. Your customers are no exception. They will choose a salon that will give them both excellent service and that extra bit of fun. This is something your competitors will not be able to keep up with.

See how easy and effective it is

Easy to set up and use
Versum’s Loyalty Program is incredibly easy to use. At the same time, it can be customised to suit the specific needs of your business. You can define the accrual rate, the list of rewarded activities and the rewards your customers will be able to get. Points are granted automatically during checkouts: hassle-free and convenient. Versum also sends automatic messages informing customers about received points or being able to pick-up rewards.
Need some more information? Our consultants will help you set up a successful loyalty program for your customers. Don’t wait! Try Versum’s Loyalty Program now!

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