10 reasons why a digital salon management system is a must during the coronavirus epidemic

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Whether we like it or not, the coronavirus epidemic is revolutionising the industry. The changes concern the way in which it is being perceived by the general public, but also the way hair and beauty services are going to be provided in the foreseeable future. People need their regular visits to keep themselves well-groomed and the lack of what they used to take for granted negatively affects their well-being. From regular people to news reporters and even government officials, each of them is affected the same way. Needless to say, we are all waiting for salons to finally reopen – but we have to be aware that when it happens, they won’t operate exactly the same.

More and more experts, when talking about protocols to follow for a safe reopening, stress the importance of adopting digital solutions for management purposes. Operating a salon with an automated tool used to be a convenience – now it turns to be a necessity. Let’s take a look at the reasons why starting your Versum account will be a literal life-saver once you get back to operating.

1. Paper cannot be disinfected properly

Let’s begin with some unpleasant facts. Paper is considered a “soft surface” and as such, it cannot be disinfected properly – and therefore shouldn’t be reused. This makes using a paper notebook for running customer records and managing appointments pretty much impossible. According to the protocols enforced in countries that are already lifting the lockdown, you also shouldn’t hand paper notes with the date and time of the appointment to a client or even give them your business card. Overusing paper in your salon is not only very wasteful – in the new reality, it is also straight-up risky.

2. Bookings have to be made by-appointment-only

There is no room for walk-in appointments – now each visit has to be carefully planned in advance. Post-lockdown advice stresses the importance of reducing in-store contact even during the check-in and payment processes – so people simply walking in and discussing the most fitting date and time for ten minutes straight is a big no-no. You are most likely to keep the salon’s door closed, inviting only the one person that is booked for a particular slot. This is why you have to make the remote booking process as easy as possible for your clients – which leads us to…

3. Online booking is the new norm

Online booking used to be a great convenience for both you and your clients – now it’s additionally the safest and most efficient way of taking bookings out there. Once asking for an appointment in person is out of question, you are left with phone calls and discussions via Messenger. Both of these are very time-consuming and tiring in the long run – especially since now you want to avoid unnecessary contact with any surfaces when working with a client. Every time you will be forced to stop and answer a call, you will have to go through the process of washing your hands and disinfecting the phone all over again.

Moreover, post-lockdown reality requires maximum precision. There is no room for misunderstandings, double-bookings and other errors of that kind. Online booking ensures that one client is booked for an individual slot and removes the need to verbally arrange the date and time, thus reducing the risk of mishearings and misinterpretations.

4. Appointment reminders are now a must

As mentioned earlier, the booking process should work like a well-oiled machine. The client has to be fully certain of the date and time of their appointment – especially as the dreadful no-shows are going to be even more painful now, as you cannot simply start working on another client waiting in the reception area or invite a walk-in. It’s crucial to cut down the possibility of having a no-show as much as possible – and appointment reminders are your best bet. According to the statistics, they can reduce the number of no-shows by up to 70%, saving you sanity, time and money.

What’s more, in Versum you can freely edit the content of the reminder – which means that apart from confirming the date and time, you can remind your clients of safety protocols and the importance of being on time.

5. You must have control over who is visiting you

It may sound harsh, but post-lockdown reality makes it necessary to gather information on your clients, as in the case of an emergency situation, you will have to track back who visited you at a certain time. If you use Versum’s online booking feature, you already have an advantage – to make appointments online, your customers have to submit their name, surname, phone number and email. Then, of course, you can keep adding other useful information – Verum’s customer records not only safely store clients’ data, but also automatically store their history of appointments and purchases. With such records, you will not only be able to quickly contact your client in case of any emergency but also provide better services in the salon and even recommend at-home care cosmetics remotely.

6. Two-way communication is now more important than ever

You have to be prepared that an emergency may occur. Salon protocols will help you to react accordingly – in such a situation, it’s important to keep calm and act quickly. If you, one of your staff members or a client starts showing symptoms of the coronavirus, you have to contact other customers booked for that day as soon as possible and cancel their visits. Versum’s SMS bulk messaging option allows you to quickly filter all clients booked for a given period and send a message to each of them automatically.

Whenever you will have to send important updates, statements or news to all or a particular group of clients, Versum will be your quickest, most convenient and professional tool to do so. Moreover, the system allows for two-way communication – if your messages will need confirmation, clients will be able to answer you.

7. You need to manage your employees more effectively

It may happen that your employees will have to work in specific shifts, in order to keep physical contact with other people at a minimum. What’s more, just as with clients, you have to keep in touch with your staff members – if one of them falls ill, they have to inform you immediately and you have to be ready to rearrange the schedule. To help you manage it all, Versum delivers features such as the digital work schedules, organisation of work and assignment of tasks and records of leaves and absences. You keep in touch with your employees at all times and whenever there is a need to make quick rearrangements, you will be able to do so with just a few clicks. And you don’t have to worry about losing track of all the changes – the system will make sure to store all the information and include it in commission calculations.

8. You have to plan the time needed for disinfection

As you have to follow all the spacing and disinfection protocols, you will need to plan time gaps between the visits to be able to sanitise the stations, tools and equipment properly. Using salon management software, you can easily add such gaps to your schedule, ensuring that no one will be able to book a slot right after another client.

9. You must control rooms and equipment availability

In Versum, you can activate the free Resources add-on, thanks to which the required equipment and/or rooms will be booked automatically during appointment scheduling. This way, you eliminate the risk of booking appointments that require the same resources – which is crucial now, as you cannot shuffle the stations and equipment so easily. What’s more, your clients will be able to book appointments online only when both required staff and resources are available (resources and planners will not be visible for customers). This will make your organisation of work much easier!

10. It’s wise to have an additional source of income in the salon

Even after you reopen, the sales may not immediately be as impressive as one could imagine – due to the limitation of the number of clients allowed in the salon at the same time, which means you are not going to work at full capacity. Adding the time needed for disinfection and purchasing all sanitary products, your business may not be as profitable as you were expecting, at least not for a while. This is why it is wise to keep making money apart from regular salon services. Versum has introduced a great way for doing so regardless of the circumstances – Online Vouchers that can be sold remotely and are valid for up to twelve months.

Don’t let the post-lockdown reality surprise you and stop from making a profit – thanks to well-thought-out digital solutions, you will be able to get back to work safely. Test drive Versum for free for two weeks and see what a difference it makes!

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