5 creative New Year’s Resolution ideas for your salon

5 creative New Year's Resolution ideas for beautysalon

The start of a new year is a time of new beginnings and plans – as well as a fresh dose of motivation to help realise them! And just like your customers, you have some great resolution ideas as well! Going to the gym, budgeting and eating more healthily are popular ones, but what about being more unorthodox and doing something for your hair or beauty business? To help you out, we’ve collected some of the most beneficial New Year’s resolution ideas you just have to try! Here are five things you can do for your business that will truly make it bloom, just in time for spring!

Tip: The goal of your salon resolution should bring you more profit, new customers and loads of bookings – to help with that, you should definitely pick up our New Year’s resolution salon toolkit!

Introduce a new treatment

By adding a new service to your menu, you open your doors to more profit and new groups of potential clients. The treatment option that you plan on introducing should go hand-in-hand with what you currently provide – adding a completely random service that you’re not certified to perform in the first place can have disastrous consequences for your business. If you provide hair colours and would like to add a bit more pizzazz to what you offer, then consider taking a course in fashion colours. By doing so, you not only give your menu a breath of fresh air, but you do so with little effort!

Try new marketing methods

Have you ever wondered what an ad on Facebook could do for your business? Or how a loyalty program can help improve word of mouth promotion of your salon? Sadly, these are two of the most commonly overlooked, yet some of the most effective marketing methods. Let’s face it – we don’t enjoy leaving our comfort zones and people who have not tried these methods probably find them too difficult to understand and fear making costly mistakes. When it comes to Facebook ads, Facebook’s algorithm can get in the way of your ad’s reach or you might have difficulty choosing which ad type would work best for your business. Luckily, you’re not alone. Facebook ads are ideal for reaching potential clients who are more than likely going to be interested in what you have to offer – and hair and beauty marketing coaches are there to help! Consider looking into a course to help improve your Facebook ads game!

A loyalty program, on the other hand, is far less complex, but can be difficult to keep track of without the proper tools. Simply put, a customer is rewarded a number of points for their purchases, reviews and people they’ve invited to your business. With their collected points, they are able to pick up prizes at your salon. However, keeping track of the number of points each customer has sounds like a nightmare. To help manage them, there’s Versum’s Loyalty Program. The system automatically distributes points earned to their rightful owners, and customers can see just how many they have and if it’s enough to pick up their desired prize.

Make an eco-friendly change!

Here’s a truly challenging New Year’s resolution – make an eco-friendly change to your hair or beauty business! If you’re an animal rights advocate, then you may want to consider taking a closer look at some of your product, as they may be tested on animals. And what about polluting the environment? Plastic and paper usage is a big issue in the hair and beauty industry – consider investing in professional-grade, package-free products, or utilising a refill station. And as for paper wastage, Versum turns all of your important notes, reports, client records, appointments and booking reminders into digital versions – keeping you organised while helping the environment! You can find more ways to make your business eco-friendly here!

Revitalise your business’ image

Every hair or beauty business owner has had their fair share of regrets after opening their enterprise for the first time. From having second thoughts about their logo, business name and business cards, to having regrets about purchasing second-hand furniture and equipment that is completely mismatched. This year, give your business a makeover! Focus on one change at a time, as revitalising every aspect of your salon at once can be a costly endeavour. If you’ve been struggling with making your brand name stand out from the crowd, do a little research and see how others have done so. Also, if you’re having mixed thoughts about your business as a whole, consider changing your theme and target audience. Go for an art deco look, aimed at providing more exclusive treatments, or a rustic-style theme with treatment prices for every budget.

Set growth goals

Like every hair and beauty business owner, you want your brand to grow – no matter if you’re a one-man-band or are in charge of a multi-station salon. But how do you measure growth? In this industry, it’s all about gaining clients, maintaining customer loyalty and increasing profits – simply exclaiming “I want to grow!” isn’t saying much. This year, look back at your reports from the previous year, focus on areas that require improvement and set a goal for each. With Versum, you’ll be able to easily track profits, the number of loyal clients and new customers and keep an eye on your progress towards achieving your goals.

This year, focus not only on improving yourself, but also your business – and let Versum help! Grab your free trial account and take this new year by the horns!

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