Attracting clients during the wintertime


During the cold winter months, most of us are wrapped up in scarves, jackets and anything we can get our hands on to keep us warm, and the last thing we think about is how our hair or nails look. This season, you can expect to see salon clients with extensive root regrowth, chipped nail art made for the New Year’s party and overly dry skin – and all of this can be used to your advantage when attracting clients during the wintertime. Instead of waiting for the cold weather to pass, let these new winter marketing activities warm you up!

Plan activities for holidays and important dates

With the Holidays and New Year behind us, business starts slowing down for the majority of hair and beauty salons, and owners use this opportunity to take some time off of work. However, for the salon owner that doesn’t feel like quitting, planning out wintertime activities is the way to go! Although it’s difficult to top Christmas and the New Year when it comes to popularity, there are a number of important dates during the wintertime that you can celebrate in your salon in order to attract clients!

Tip: to help you choose the perfect dates for promoting your business, here is your exclusive winter marketing calendar!

With this calendar in hand, find dates that best suit you! Anything from Carnival and Blue Monday to Valentines Day – these are great times for promoting your business. Encourage clients to book a “blue hairdo” treatment for fighting off the Blue Monday, host a Carnival party at your salon with drinks and sparklers, and most certainly don’t forget about Valentine’s Day! Your winter marketing calendar provides advice to help you get the most out of each of these dates so there’s no need to guess what would work best for your business.

Focus on touch-ups and healing treatments

Massive amounts of split ends and dry skin patches are common during the cold winter months – and who can forget that washed out New Year’s fashion colour with excessive root regrowth? The good news is, these are great for your business. Your customers want to keep looking amazing, so promoting touch-ups and healing treatments and products from your menu is a natural course of action.

Now comes the difficult part – getting the word out about your latest additions to the menu. If you’re planning on doing so via Facebook or Instagram post alone, then don’t expect much. Sure, some of the customers who follow your accounts might see this information but let’s be real, your post might get covered by layers of other content on a client’s feed. Instead, get the word out about your latest wintertime additions with these two methods:

  • Social media ads – unlike regular posts, ads are more effective at reaching a more localised group of potential clients who would be most interested in what you have to offer. If they fall into your categories, then your ads will appear in their feeds. Consider including a discount for first-time clients for additional encouragement to book with you.
  • Direct SMS/email messages – send a message directly to all or a select group of customers using Versum, encouraging them to take advantage of your latest winter treatments and products, but don’t stop there. Give them a discount or a free winter care package for every new customer they bring to your business.

In your messages and ads, it’s vital that you mention all of the benefits of each treatment and product to entice clients even more. Additionally, you may want to pair touch-ups and healing treatments and products with other items from your menu. A customer who booked a New Year’s fashion colour will definitely be interested in a colour retaining shampoo or a keratin treatment to fight off the winter frizz. Here’s an example of an ad and direct message:

Ad How’s the winter frizz? We’ve got the right solution for fighting it off! Book a keratin treatment with us and nourish your hair back to health! New customers will receive a free care pack when they make their reservation.

Direct message – Hi, (SALON NAME) here! How’s that New Year’s colour holding up? If you’re seeing regrowth or frizz, book our latest pack of touchup + keratin treatment to maintain your dazzling look! And get a free gift for every person you invite to our salon!

Cosy-up your business!

What better way to attract clients to the salon during the winter than with the smell of gingerbread, hot coffee and an inviting atmosphere? Even though the Holidays are over, winter has only just begun! Make your business a cosy escape for customers by introducing hot drinks and cookies with every treatment, and spice scented candles to warm them up. Remember, clients visit your salon not only to revitalise their looks, but also to unwind from their day-to-day. Imagine getting your hair or nails done while indulging in a cup of hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies – sounds like an amazing customer experience! For more ideas on how to turn your salon into a cosy escape in the wintertime and keep clients returning, have a read!

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean clients have to stop booking with you – using the right approach and tools, you can be profitable even during the rest of winter. Cosy-up your salon and send enticing winter offers to your customers with the help of Versum, salon management software. Grab your free account today and promote your business like never before.

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