Attracting mature clients to your salon: do it right!

Mature beauty in SPA

When thinking about your mature audience, who do you visualise? Most probably precious older ladies, who visit you every other month to cut their hair, always the same style. You aren’t wrong… but you also aren’t entirely right. In the last decade, we have witnessed the rise of so-called YOLDS, young olds – people that are 55+ and want to enjoy their life to the fullest.

To put it simply, 55+’ are not a homogenous target group – and at the same time, they are valuable in every embodiment. Those who have been visiting your salon for years for the same haircut – we will call them Elderly Regulars – are your most stable and loyal source of income. Those who like to spoil themselves with beauty treatments – we will call them Mature Connoisseurs – are not only a very large group but also the one with the highest level of disposable income, willing to splurge on their own well-being and to try new things. They may not only be interested in your most pricey services but are also likely to purchase retail products. What’s to not love about them?

Now that we have settled why it is important to reach a more mature audience, let’s talk about how to do it properly- and what you should definitely avoid in that matter.

Elderly Regulars

Who are they?
They come to you every other month. They are both probably in their 70’s, and they already know what they are looking for – because it’s always the same thing. She asks for her layered bob, he wants his classic side part. The day of the week or hour makes no difference to them, as they are both retired. The only condition is that they want the services done at the same time. Also, he has his favourite stylist and preferably wants her to do the cut. They always pay the same price, are extremely polite, cordial and make absolutely no difficulties whatsoever. Also, they rebook right after the service. Your team simply adore them and are happy to see them regularly.

How to reach such clients?
Now, although for many elderly clients word of mouth is still the most effective marketing technique, older generations are discovering the wonders of the World Wide Web. What differentiates them from the younger net surfers is that they have much more time in their hands and a longer attention span. They like to do in-depth research before they decide to purchase any products or treatments. Also, they are good receivers for longer pieces of content, such as articles and lengthy videos. How to fit your marketing strategy to their needs?

  • Understand that they rate your services by different criteria. People don’t always take into consideration the product or service itself but about the value they bring them, however, they may vary, depending on the client. A younger customer may care that your salon is eco-friendly, but for an elderly client the convenience of the salon’s location may be more important.
  • Make navigating on your pages clear and simple. Also, make sure that the font you use is legible and large enough.
  • Make sure to display your phone number. Many elderly people like to read about certain businesses online, but prefer to make appointments by phone.
  • Use relatable language and images. Do you share pictures of your happy customers online? Make sure they are from various age groups. Also, use language that is understandable for everyone – avoid being too formal, but also too colloquial with your online posts.

What to avoid?
Don’t patronise your Elderly Regulars and try not to talk down to them. I know, your intentions may be pure – you just want to show them you care to make everything easier for them. But too much of anything is bad for you.

  • Avoid making decisions for them. Again, you may have the best intentions, but don’t try to replace them in the decision-making process. Show different options, give advice and opinions if asked, but leave the final decision to them.
  • Avoid stereotyping. Not every elderly lady will want the same safe cut. Not every older gentleman will be interested in Saint Nicolas-style beard. Think about them as about any other client!

Mature Connoisseurs

Who are they?
She booked an appointment online. Arrives at your salon looking absolutely fabulous, tapping her high heels, charming everyone around with her sense of style and gleam in her eyes. You know her well – she’s mentioned that she is a divorcee and her children live on their own. You know that she has a dinner date today, and she came to the right place to revamp her look. She booked your most luxurious treatment and after the service, she buys shampoo, hair mask and conditioner from your top shelf and leaves you an impressive tip.

How to reach them?
Mature Connoisseurs navigate the Internet with ease and have their accounts all across the social media. They like to read, chat, buy… and flirt online. Many of them are in the moment of reinvention and rediscovery. They want to try new things, meet new people and change their image. Moreover, they can afford to splurge on their looks and well-being regularly. How can you fit your marketing strategy to their needs?

  • Offer price variants. Many Mature Connoisseurs would prefer to get an all-inclusive version of treatment, so you should allow them to do so. Read more about price variants here.
  • Include them in your social media feeds. Have you done an amazing metamorphosis on a mature client? Ask for their permission to take a photo and post it on your social media pages. Let the world know that you know how to treat Mature Connoisseurs.
  • Spoil them. This type of client has both money and a desire to be spoiled. They don’t want the service alone, they want an experience. The more you care about customer service, the better. Mature Connoisseurs like their pampering to be regular, so encourage them to come back to you by launching a loyalty program (you can do it using the Loyalty Program add-on in your Versum system).

What to avoid?

  • Don’t address them with age-related offers only. Believe me, they want more than just to cover grey hair.
  • Avoid stereotypical nomenclature. Don’t refer to them as “seniors”, “elderly” or “older”. Even the word “mature” should be used sparingly. The best you can do is to speak to them without referring to their age at all. Instead, simply add a picture of a client 55+ as an illustration of your social media post.

Your mature clients are a group you should definitely target in your marketing campaigns. Use Versum to send invitations for luxury treatments to your Mature Connoisseurs and make sure to write down the preferences of your Elderly Regulars in your customer records. Be ready to thrill clients of all ages with the most exquisite customer experience and get your digital helper today!

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