Agnes Kafka

Agnes Kafka is a marketing specialist. She lives and breathes social media and advises salons on their marketing campaigns. Loves music, hopes to learn ukulele one day. Joined Versum team in 2017.

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cat sleeping on a sofa
15.02.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

How procrastination can harm your beauty salon

The crucial part of being a business owner is not getting things done - but getting the right things done. Have you ever found yourself doing the fun part of your job...

make up artist talking with the client
15.02.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Conversation tips & tricks for hair salon staff

Let’s face it - it is easy to initiate in small-talk, but to lead a wholesome conversation is an art. Hairstylists are expected to possess the gift of ease in conversation, as...

man in a red sweater sitting by a desk
15.02.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

The importance of annual performance reviews at your salon

The term “annual performance review” does not sound too appealing, especially for salon owners and staff in the hair and spa industry. Every year, you bring out your massive book, digital spreadsheet...

chocolate hearts
12.02.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Last-second Valentine’s Day ideas for your salon

Like any other day, you’re at the salon, checking the appointment calendar, doing a stocktake or any number of other daily tasks. You check your Facebook page and then reality hits you...

woman holding a cup with marshmallows
31.01.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Make your salon a cosy escape in the wintertime!

I will always remember the first time I went to an exclusive hair salon. It was snowy winter and I was freezing and exhausted. The staff greeted me with an in-depth hair...

lady sitting in fron of a laptop next to flowers
31.01.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

4 salon marketing ideas to welcome spring!

If you are like most salon owners, then you are probably trying to catch your breath after the new year. Every year, you focus most of your efforts on planning a strategy...

10.01.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

How to sell more at your spa

In addition to being passionate about their work, spa owners are driven by a common goal: to make their businesses profitable. Achieving this goal is rather simple: the more sales, the more...

10.01.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Are your salon prices too low?

Has it ever happened to you that one of your favourite, long-term regular customers spills the beans and says, “I love your salon, but has it ever occurred to you that your...

10.01.19 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Give salon clients an amazing birthday experience

Almost every business does something special for client birthdays - a nice discount,  free product and even a serenade composed by the staff. Although these are fun and creative ideas that your...

exit sign on a wall
21.12.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Has your salon become a one time stop?

What is the main objective of most successful salons and spas (and it is not always making more profit!)? The answer is growing the customer list with loyal clients who enjoy visiting...