Agnes Kafka

Agnes Kafka is a marketing specialist. She lives and breathes social media and advises salons on their marketing campaigns. Loves music, hopes to learn ukulele one day. Joined Versum team in 2017.

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christmas tree and baubles
13.12.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

The jolliest Holiday decor must-haves at your salon

We all know that the Holiday season is the most magical time of the year - people are in a rush to do their last-minute shopping, exchange heartfelt wishes with friends and...

spa treatment woman in a bathtub with floral petals
13.12.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

How does software resolve the daily struggles of spa owners?

When a return customer visits their favourite spa, all they think about is lying facedown on a relaxing massage table and getting treated like royalty. They get serviced, exchange a few friendly...

07.12.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Feeling unconfident? Try these tips for staying motivated at the salon

For salons and spas, every workday begins with a number of tasks needed to be fulfilled - checking stock levels, ordering necessary supplies, reviewing appointments for the day and planning any marketing...

receptionist at a salon
07.12.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

5 steps to increase sales for your receptionist

When you take into consideration the duties of a receptionist in a hair salon, the first thing that may come to mind is someone who spends most of the day greeting customers,...

empty stations and chairs at a nail salon
30.11.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Have your salon clients vanished? Read our tips on how to bring them back!

Nothing makes you and your salon team feel more defeated than losing a valuable customer. The loss of a client may be due to a number of reasons - the lack of...

woman in a red suit sitting in a waiting room with a resume in her hand
30.11.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Create an outstanding hair & beauty specialist CV

No matter the industry, every business that hires staff goes through countless CV applications before choosing the right one. Sometimes the business is torn between two or more, and in some instances,...

a woman sitting in front of a desk stretching her arms up
26.11.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Content marketing at your salon

What is content marketing, and how can you make use of it to effectively promote your spa or salon? Create attractive content that your potential customers will respond to - learn everything...

woman wearing a crown on her head smiling
26.11.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Every reason why you need an employee of the month contest at the salon

Almost everyone is familiar with the saying, “a happy employee is a productive employee”, which resonates into every industry. This concept has become the norm in businesses worldwide, including salons and spas,...

neon with words and breathe
19.11.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

Tackle stress inducers like a pro!

We all go through the dreaded morning blues and midday crises, which are a part of daily life. However, the stress can be caused by multiple factors - dissatisfied clients, unmotivated staff...

a woman with a tablet looking at a portfolio
19.11.18 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

How to create the perfect salon work portfolio

Every industry relies heavily on advertising in order to draw crowds of potential customers to that particular brand. Larger enterprises, such as Coca-Cola, are world-renowned and their potential clients already know what...