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Briella is an enthusiast of written language, whose goal is to turn marketing into a form of creative storytelling. She joined Versum crew in 2018 to make content, not war. Privately an obsessive rose crown-wearer and a cat mother.

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Firing a client
18.01.21 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

When you have to fire a client…

Sometimes, when the odds are really not in your favour, you have to fire your staff member - which is difficult, hard to do graciously and very uncomfortable for both you and...

Gifts for salon employees
11.12.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

Unique holiday gift ideas for salon staff in 2020

You hold your employees in high regard. You know well that they are your business’ true treasure - without their skills, passion and dedication, your salon wouldn’t be where it is today....

Modern interior design ideas for small hair salons
08.12.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

Modern interior design ideas for small hair salons

If you are reading this article, you are probably planning to design (or to revamp) your moderately-sized hair salon’s interior and are growing more and more tired of all the outdated ideas...

Message templates for the holidays
07.12.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

Salon messages templates for the winter holidays!

The winter holidays are just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start planning your communication with clients. And yes, it is most definitely something you want to think about...

Holiday salon problems
04.12.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

Effective solutions to 3 holiday problems your salon faces

December at hair and beauty salons can be quite hectic. You know it well from your own experience - year by year, you start preparing for the winter holiday season as early...

Selling salon retail products online
20.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

7 quick tips on selling salon retail products online

If you just launched your very first online store, then chances are you are not really experienced in online retail selling tactics. You may be an expert in selling retail in your...

How much does it cost to open a nail salon in the UK?
18.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

How much does it cost to start a nail salon in the UK?

Many nail technicians considering starting their own business struggle to find out how much does it cost to open a nail salon - and end up really frustrated, as it seems that...

Online consultation
16.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Keep your salon going during the lockdown with virtual consultations!

Do you know what is one of the most important benefits of getting a service done at a hair or beauty salon? You may think that the answer is obvious (“well… the...

Winter holiday salon retail products
13.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Boost holiday salon retail sales with your online store!

Although it is hard to tell what this year’s winter holiday season will look like for salons (namely - whether or not they will be allowed to stay open), you are not...

Message templates
10.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Message templates for salons to use during the COVID-19 outbreak

In the current circumstances, good communication is key. You need to stay in touch with your clients, reacting as soon as possible when an emergency occurs. Clear and responsive communication processes allow...