Julius Dzierlatka

Julius is a people person, a social thinker, and a world traveler. He is skilled in interpersonal communication and has extensive experience in customer service. Raised in North Florida, he joined Versum in 2016 as a Business Development Specialist.

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It is well note
15.05.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Beauty business slogan ideas you just have to try!

Slogans have been around since the rise of businesses - they are a way to communicate what treatments or products are being offered by the enterprise. Although many businesses in today’s day...

woman with heart-shaped baloons
08.05.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Getting the most out of a loyalty program

For hair and beauty professionals, salon owners and makeup artists, nothing is more painful than seeing a beloved customer visiting your competition across the street. You work hard, creating wonderful ads to...

Sad man, rainy day
02.05.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Why losing a customer is more painful than you think?

It’s painful - no matter if it’s a first-time client or a regular - losing a customer is something you want to avoid at all costs. You might be telling yourself, “oh...

29.04.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Should I go with one or multiple specialisations?

You’ve probably been down this road before - you look at all of your certifications and you ask yourself, “Should I take my business down a different route”?  Say you’re a salon...

19.04.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Guesstimating – the road to a failing salon

You start your workday just like you would any other day - you get dressed, make a quick breakfast and grab your cup of coffee. You arrive at the salon, check your...

17.04.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Hair & beauty and body art – is there a common ground?

Most people don’t make the connection, however, the hair & beauty industry has much in common with the body art industry - both are artistic fields which require patience, a steady hand...

16.04.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

The importance of a social media presence for your salon

For most salon owners, this is no surprise - in today’s day and age, we do everything online - from watching movies and shopping to reading articles, posting pictures and even paying...

29.03.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Interview with salon expert, Emma Wakefield

Do you wonder why you are no longer fully booked? Or why it is so difficult to gain new clients and earn their loyalty? Well, these are just a few of the...

man with laptop
25.03.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Important traits to look for in a salon manager

No matter what industry, we work hard to be exceptional in what we do - constantly striving to grow and maintain a positive reputation in our workplace. Some positions focus on a...

woman with laptop
18.03.19 Juliusz Dzierlatka | Salon tips

How your price list can help you sell more at the salon

If reading the title of this article has you pondering about your own price list, then you’re on the right track! Most of the time, we don’t pay close attention to our...