Sławomir Gawłowski

Slawomir “Slawo” Gawlowski is a business development coach with over 12 years of experience in multinational environment. At Versum, Slawo works with owners and managers on easy-to-implement strategies to manage and grow salons, spas, and medical practices. “Salon managers don’t need to work hard: work smarter, not harder. With Versum’s help it’s feasible.”

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How to attract the right clients to your salon?
29.06.18 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

How to attract the right clients to your salon?

Since the opening day of your salon, you have been focused on fulfilling one main goal - growing your customer list. Whether you have been in the industry for many years or...

8 problems faced by hair & beauty salons
07.06.18 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

8 effective solutions for 8 problems faced by hair & beauty salons

Managing a salon is fraught with challenges. Paradoxically, the bigger and more successful the business is, the more difficulties it faces. Although prevention is always better than cure, it is impossible to predict...

Sell emotions instead of services
26.03.18 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Sell emotions instead of services

Effective promotion of products and services goes beyond fixed descriptions of treatment procedures or properties of cosmetics. This is because clients are acquired through emotions and promises of changes for the better,...

benefits that salon software brings to owners
26.01.18 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

The benefits that salon software brings to owners

Running a hair & beauty business very often means that the owners are required to devote themselves entirely to that task. They have to provide ongoing supervision over the company and are...

personalizing customer communications
28.08.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Versum filters – personalizing customer communications

Keeping a customer database accurate and up-to-date is absolutely vital for your beauty salon – it will help boost the salon’s revenue, retain customers and build customer loyalty. A good way to...

Now you can finally take a holiday!
07.08.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Now you can finally take a holiday!

Running a business is a great responsibility. Regrettably, many people seem to forget that the success of a salon or a spa, in addition to the skills and ambitions of the owner,...

Salon management tips | 10 lessons
12.06.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

10 lessons from 4,000 salon owners

With years of experience working with salon owners and their prospering businesses, we've gained a lot of valuable knowledge on what it's like to run a business in the beauty industry. Drawing...

Free salon coaching
06.03.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Free salon coaching – get some useful advice

Looking for more effective ways to manage your salon and stay updated with employee activity? Or to bring in new clients and improve relations with current ones? Book your free one-on-one consultation...

Cutting-edge tech in your salon – the HR solution
28.02.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Cutting-edge tech in your salon – the HR solution

Hair stylists and beauticians alike provide excellent services and know how to maintain lasting relations with clients. A cheerful and competent receptionist manages bookings, a motivated team provides services - like one...

automatically calculate daily or monthly earnings
18.01.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Time is money

Have you thought to yourself „How can I manage daily tasks in a way to help me work more efficiently?” The phrase “time is money” is well-fitted when you’re buried under a...