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Slogans have been around since the rise of businesses – they are a way to communicate what treatments or products are being offered by the enterprise. Although many businesses in today’s day and age have moved away from using slogans, many still do, including those in the hair & beauty industry.

A good slogan should be catchy, simple, memorable and say what your business is all about. They don’t spell life or death for your enterprise, but having a good slogan makes your salon easier to remember.

What do slogans mean for your business?

Do you run a classy, modern salon? An old school barber shop? Or a peaceful, holistic spa? Let potential customers know what you offer! When it comes to beauty slogans, go along the lines of “Beauty is our duty!”, “Relax, indulge, repeat”, “We expose your inner beauty”. These are easy to memorise and clients will be more likely to associate their message with your business.

Slogans are also beneficial in business promotion. Funny ones show that the salon owner has a sense of humour (who does not like that?), and that the business provides a warm and inviting environment. Now imagine running into a social media ad with a picture of a salon with a funny slogan – as a potential client, you may have a good laugh and be tempted to have a look at their page and potentially book a visit.

Where should you share your slogan?

The obvious answer would be everywhere. Potential clients need to know what your business stands for and the most common places they inspect are your business fan pages and online booking page. On your Facebook profile, make sure that your background image includes an aesthetic picture of your salon as well as your slogan – same goes for your other fan pages.

When it comes to online booking, do the same. Versum’s online booking option lets you upload a background picture, giving potential clients insight into your business and your beloved motto. Additionally, Versum gives you the option to create and schedule email messages to clients – there, you can include your logo, an attractive background image and of course your great slogan!

Slogan ideas for barbers

Now, unlike hair and beauty salons, barber shops are a breed of their own. They like to keep things simple and to the point, which can be seen in their barber slogans, such as, “cuts, shaves, trims”, “you grow it, we cut it”, “the best seat in town”, and “crispy fades and straight shaves”. These slogans let clients know exactly what they can expect from the business, but also show that the business likes to get to the point.

Hair salon slogans

Unlike barber shops, hair salons tend to the needs of a female majority, and because of this, the business needs to have a friendly approach clients will love. To give clients a taste of what they can expect from your business, here are some hair salon advertising examples: “Big. Bad. Balayages.”, “Better cuts than your mom’s”, “Mullet and bowl cut experts”. Now, what do these slogans say about the business? First off, they give clients a sense of belonging – funny ones may not only cheer you up, but also de-stress you. Many women are self-conscious about their hair and are oftentimes afraid of being criticised for the poor condition it is in. However, just seeing a funny slogan is enough to grab a potential client’s attention and make them feel that they will be treated well!

Spa slogan ideas

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a holistic spa? Relaxation! We visit spas in order to unwind, rest and forget about our troubles – and a well-devised spa slogan should reflect this! Here are some excellent ideas: “Tired? Knot anymore!”, “Breathe in, unwind, breathe out”, “Knead to relax? Escape here”!

Your spa slogan should help your potential clients associate your business with positive emotions. Words such as “knots” and “knead” evoke pleasant images of one being massaged and having their pains taken away.

When considering creating the perfect slogan for your business, bear in mind that it should reflect your business’ values as well as effectively evoke the right emotions for your customers! Don’t forget to sign up for your free Versum account and truly help spread the word about your business!

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