Best promotions to offer at your salon

Salon promotion ideas | How to create great promotional offers?

Every salon has them – the buy one get one free deal here, a 10% off discount there – and who can forget the three for the price of two offer? Let’s face it, deals like these are everywhere and coming up with original promotions at the hair salon can really take some time. Let’s not forget that your competition across the street is more than likely having a few offers of their own, which may be drawing potential clients away from your business. So what can you do to improve the promotion of the salon and of your treatments?

Things to remember

Before you go about handing out discounts left and right, it is vital to have a strategy that answers the question “what do I hope to achieve with this offer?”. Are you looking to make more profit? Attract new clients? Sell products that are close to expiring? Or perhaps encourage absent clients to return to your salon? Although you probably said “yes” to all of the above, it’s best to focus on only a few at a time, as each of these goals requires an individual approach. With your goal in mind, you’re ready to begin planning your promotions at the hair salon!

Knowing your clients

The best promotions to offer at your salon are those that are created for each individual client – which is nearly impossible if you’ve got hundreds of them! Anyone can slap a -10% sticker on their salon menu or fan page and wait for bookings to pour in, but is that really enough? Now imagine that you’re a client and you receive a direct offer that’s related to the previous purchases you’ve made – not only do you feel as though the salon team remembers you, but that they know exactly what you’re interested in!

When it comes to creating the perfect promotion at the hair salon, focus on your goal, what kind of offer will help to achieve it and who is your target audience. To get started on your promotion at the hair salon, start with Versum’s customer search criteria feature, which will allow you to filter your entire client database (if you haven’t done so already, grab your free Versum account at the bottom of the article). Instead of researching each of your clients’ preferences and information by hand, use this tool to find the specific client group you’re looking for. Here is our list of filters to choose from and how they can help you achieve your goals!

Bringing back absent clients

Use the filter “haven’t purchased a service” and select the timeframe. Your list of absent clients will appear – now send them a bulk message with your promotion, encouraging them to return.

Selling soon to be expired products

Use the filter “products bought” and choose the desired product – clients who have purchased it will appear. Although you can send your product offer to all of your clients, chances are those that have previously purchased it will be more interested.

Selling gender-based products/treatments

Use the filter “gender” and select the appropriate one. With those clients selected, send them your product/treatment offer in a bulk message.

Increase profits

Use filters such as “spendings”, “number of appointments” and “loyalty points” (if you have the Loyalty Program active). Each of these groups of clients enjoys spending money at your salon, which is why sending them a special VIP promotion would definitely encourage them to visit you and spend even more!

The perfect promotion

You have your goal in mind and the list of clients in front of you, but now comes the burning question – what should your promotion include? A discount or a buy one get one free offer will do just fine, but these ideas will require a little something extra! Here are some ideas Versum users have come up with:

  • Offer -15% off of a selected product or treatment, but only this week, in order to create a sense of urgency.
  • Provide a free treatment to the first 10 clients who refer a client to the salon. Limiting the number of clients who can win the treatment makes it more valuable.
  • Sell discounted gift vouchers – they make great gifts and tie clients to the salon.
  • Give out monthly discounts to clients who have joined your loyalty program and have gained a set number of points.
  • Give a freebie gift bag with less popular products to clients who purchase a specific treatment.

Now you’re ready to get started on the promotion of your salon! Inform clients on social media, in the salon and most importantly via a direct text or email message, which can be sent directly from Versum. Grab your free account and start promoting on the next level!

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