Boost your SMS marketing with advanced targeting – sample scenarios

Sample scenarios of SMS messages - encourage to online booking

Last time we talked about the advantages of SMS marketing and discussed all the do’s and don’ts of using this medium – you can read more about it here. Due to its versatility, SMS marketing can be used to achieve numerous goals – including providing your clients with personalised special offers, perfectly tailored to the customers’ style and purchase history. It’s a fantastic marketing technique, however – it requires an advanced tool.

We have just the solution – Versum, which provides advanced filtering of the customer base. You can quickly find customers by filling in given search criteria to add them to a group and then target them with tailored offers by sending a bulk text or email. Today, we have provided you with sample scenarios using Versum’s search criteria feature, inspiring you to run advanced marketing campaigns, boosting both your sales and customer service.

Tip: If you are not using Versum yet, start your free trial now – you will be able to immediately test drive the marketing campaign ideas from this article and much more!

Women’s Day campaign

Target group criteria: Gender
For this campaign choose filters: Female
A woman is the most beautiful when she smiles. Allow us to put a smile on your face this Women’s Day! Every lady who books an appointment with us this week will receive a self-care goodie bag. Beautiful Women’s Day – the [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] team.

The prom season campaign

Target group criteria: Gender and Age
For this campaign choose filters: Female, from 15 to 18
The prom season is closing in? Enjoy our special prom-otion! Book your appointment today and receive an additional deep conditioning treatment to make sure your hair will gleam the whole night! We are waiting for you – [YOUR BUSINESS NAME].

“Clients with favourite product lines” campaign

Target group criteria: Products bought
For this campaign choose filters: Any of the selected [from a particular line of products]
[CLIENT’S NAME], do you love [PRODUCT LINE NAME]? Then you are in for a treat! All clients booking colouring this month will receive a set of [PRODUCT LINE NAME] mini products, including the samples of the newest [PRODUCT NAME]! Make your appointment today, the number of gift sets is limited! Best regards, [YOUR BUSINESS NAME].

“Event for the VIP customers” campaign

Target group criteria: Spendings
For this campaign choose filters: At least 1000£ spent the last 90 days
Dear [CLIENT’S NAME], [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] is happy to invite you to our salon’s birthday party! It’s a VIP client-only event that will take place [DATE] at [TIME] at our salon. Enjoy an evening of exclusive hair care demonstrations, hair analysis for all attendees, beauty chat, wine & nibbles. No guest will leave empty-handed! Call us to confirm your attendance. We are looking forward to seeing you – [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] team.

“A chain of referrals” campaign

Target group criteria: Acquisition source
For this campaign choose filters: Customer referral
Hello, [CLIENT’S NAME]! We are so happy that you decided to visit our salon and we hope that you are satisfied with our services. We think that sharing is caring – if you had a great time with us, recommend the salon to your family and friends and get a free facial in addition to your next appointment! Check the details of the promotion on [YOUR WEBSITE]. Best regards, [YOUR BUSINESS NAME].

“More of what you like” campaign

Target group criteria: Services purchased
For this campaign choose filters: Any of the selected [from a particular type of services] in any period
Hello, [CLIENT’S NAME]! We know that you care a lot about your skin condition. We’d love to invite you for a [THE SERVICE NAME] that will help you maintain the glowing effects of your former treatments! If you book your visit this week, you’ll receive a £20 coupon for your next services. Stay beautiful – [YOUR BUSINESS NAME].

Birthday campaign

Target group: Have a birthday/name day
For this campaign choose filters: Have a birthday in the next 30 days
Hello, [CLIENT’S NAME]! Your special day is closing in and we want it to be as beautiful as can be! If you book any service with us this month, you’ll receive a goodie bag full of little charms we cherry-picked just for you. Best regards – [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]!

“Try something new” campaign

Target group: Haven’t purchased a service
For this campaign choose filters: [A given service] in any period
Hello, [CLIENT’S NAME]! Maybe it’s time to try something new? This month you can try [THE SERVICE NAME] with a 15% discount! Sounds tempting? We are awaiting you at [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]!

“We miss you” campaign

Target group: No appointments booked
For this campaign choose filters: No appointments booked in the last and the next three months
[YOUR CLIENT’S NAME], we miss you! We have a very special offer for you at [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] – book your appointment and find out what we’ve prepared. We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Tip: To make the campaign even more effective, activate the Marketing Automation add-on in your system. There you can find the “Stop losing customers” campaign that is basically an upgraded version of what you can do with regular bulk messaging.

Clients appreciate receiving offers that are tailored to their needs and are actually interesting for them. It’s especially relevant for such an intimate marketing medium like text messaging. It’s a great opportunity for you – by running detailed customer records and then using advanced filtering of your customer base, you can send your clientele only the most precise, personalised offers. Don’t waste your time and resources on ineffective, spammy one-fit-alls – get yourself a well-thought-through tool that will win your client’s attention in a heartbeat.

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