Salon during the epidemic

Winter holiday salon retail products
13.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Boost holiday salon retail sales with your online store!

Although it is hard to tell what this year’s winter holiday season will look like for salons (namely - whether or not they will be allowed to stay open), you are not...

Message templates
10.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Message templates for salons to use during the COVID-19 outbreak

In the current circumstances, good communication is key. You need to stay in touch with your clients, reacting as soon as possible when an emergency occurs. Clear and responsive communication processes allow...

Stay afloat
06.11.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

4 salon must-haves for staying afloat in the COVID reality

We’re not going to fluff things up - the current situation in the world of hair and beauty is rather dispiriting. With a constant introduction of health and safety regulations as well...

Salon retail products
03.11.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

6 steps to keep your business prospering under the lockdown

There is no way around it - when you are a business owner, the mandatory lockdowns are scary. You fear for your financial security, the motivation of your team and whether or...

Working during COVID
29.10.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

4 things you can do to make working in a salon during the COVID-19 epidemic easier

Working during the epidemic is a horrible strain on both your physical and mental health. You may suffer from a plethora of different symptoms, from permanent tiredness to full-on panic attacks. Let’s...

COVID alert levels
26.10.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

COVID alert levels and what they mean for your salon

As of the 12th of October, the UK Department of Health and Social Care has subdivided the country into localised COVID alert levels (also known as tiers) in order to better track...

23.10.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

When you or your employees have to self-isolate – Q&A

From the 28th of September, the legal duty to self-isolate under certain circumstances has come into force. As a business owner, you have to be aware of what it means for your...

19.10.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

3 steps to maintain a productive and happy salon team during COVID-19

For hair and beauty business owners, COVID-19 and the smorgasbord of ever-changing government regulations that follow it have turned the industry into a mere shadow of what it once was. No more...

Financial help
16.10.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

New and extended financial help schemes for hair and beauty specialists in the UK

The government has announced a few new help schemes for businesses all across the United Kingdom, as well as extensions and adjustment of the existing ones. We have gathered advice on the...

Face covering
06.10.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Updates in the safety guidelines for salons in the UK – Q&A

The last few weeks brought changes to the restrictions and guidelines for businesses all around the United Kingdom. Some of them directly affect close contact services, which include all branches of the...