Salon during the epidemic

Disinfection protocols
11.05.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Spacing and disinfection protocols for hair and beauty salons

We’ve already discussed the importance of implementing safety protocols in your salon once the lockdown is lifted and we wholeheartedly encourage you to get familiar with these first. Today, let’s talk about...

Cosmetics set
07.05.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Are at-home colour kits for clients a good idea? Better alternatives to make a profit during the lockdown

If you are an active member of the hairdressing community, for sure you have noticed the heated debate surrounding the topic of selling at-home colour kits to clients, while the entire industry...

Washing hands
30.04.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

Salon protocols you should implement once you reopen

Although you probably can’t wait to reopen your business once the lockdown is lifted, just remember that it won’t be a walk in the park. Sure, your appointment calendar is going to...

27.04.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Salon software – use your free time to implement it now, benefit in the future

You have thought about using salon software for quite some time now but have always postponed it for later. You liked the idea of automated marketing, digital customer records or appointment reminders,...

Woman with a mobile phone
24.04.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

The legal aspects of selling online vouchers at your salon

Selling online vouchers is a great way to ensure financial liquidity during the lockdown, and a flood of bookings once you reopen. Best of all, you don’t have to come face-to-face with...

Sad woman
22.04.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

Caring for your mental health during the outbreak

We’re going to be honest here - times are tough, especially for the hair and beauty industry. After being deemed “non-essential”, salons, spas and solo hair and beauty professionals have been forced...

20.04.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

The Versum feature that will help during the lockdown – online vouchers

If you’re reading this, then by now your hair or beauty business has been closed for some time and you may be considering looking for alternative ways of making a profit. In...

Financial help
31.03.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

Financial help for UK hair & beauty specialists – how to apply for it?

The mandatory lockdown affects all specialists working in the hair and beauty industry, no matter if they own their own salon, rent space or work from home. As we want to deliver...

Not today
30.03.20 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

Booking requests during lockdown? Here’s how to respond

So it’s finally come to this - laws have been enforced that require all nonessential businesses to shut their doors for at least three weeks (however, that is subject to change). You...

watching a movie
30.03.20 Briella Cendrzak | Salon during the epidemic

10 best hair and beauty movies to enjoy during the lockdown

You’ve already prepared your business for the temporary closure, planned a successful reopening and have spent some solid time educating yourself so that you will be ready to thrive when you get...