Clever salon marketing ideas for prom season

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The great ball that crowns the years of high school education is a very special moment in the life of many adolescents. It is no wonder that attendees want to feel and look their best. Many of them will turn to hair stylists, nail artists, beauticians and barbers for the first time, as prom is the perfect occasion to get your little makeover done by a professional.

You have to step up your marketing game to make sure your services will not go unnoticed! Here are a few prom promotion ideas that will encourage wanna-be prom queens and prom kings to choose your salon.

Start warming up early

Prom season usually begins in March and lasts until June. During these four months, attendees get more and more excited and engaged in arrangements. While shopping for their gowns and tuxedos, they also start to think about matching hairstyles, nails and makeup. This is when your marketing should come in – you may think it is too early, but keeping the level of excitement high for as long as possible is in your best interest.

Begin with giving small hints on social media:

  • Share a gallery of best hairstyles/makeup transformations/nail art you have done on your prom-attending clients last year. Mention that you cannot wait for this year makeovers.
  • Encourage your followers to share their ideas for the perfect prom look. Ask whether they have their outfits prepared already.
  • Invite the attendees-to-be for a pre-prom treatment. Write a post where you explain that every beautiful makeover needs good preparation. Mention that every hairstyle looks better on well-groomed, conditioned hair and that makeup requires smooth, moisturised skin to look its best. Present treatments that will be perfect for such preparations.

Go all in on social media

As the weeks pass, you should gradually start stepping up your marketing game. Social media channels, especially Facebook and Instagram, should be your focal point. Young people tend to spend a lot of time scrolling through social media pages, making this the most effective way to reach them.

Some ideas to help you:

  • Share every hairstyle/makeup/nail art you made on social media – and make it clear that they were made for prom attendees! Let people know that you are experienced and know how to please the taste of high schoolers.
  • Use hashtags! #promhair, #promupdo, #promnails, #prommakeup are a good beginning. Many young people search for services on social media by hashtags.
  • Share information about every special offer on all your social media channels. Make sure to add a fitting picture to every post – Facebook and Instagram are all about visuals.

Run a contest

Teenagers love a little competition. Especially if the price is worth the hassle! However, we do not encourage you to give away services for free or to offer a discount – it is always a better idea to add something to the service than to lessen the price.

Here are a few suggestions that may inspire you:

  • Best prom outfit. The contestant with the highest number of likes is given a free goodie bag as the addition to their prom updo/manicure/makeup.
  • Write what would your perfect prom be like. The contestant with the most alluring story is given a free additional treatment (eg. deep conditioning, eye relief massage, hand massage…) to their appointment.
  • Tag your best friend you will spend the prom with. The chosen contestant will be invited to book their appointment together with their friend, and they will be served with additional benefits – special prom-time drinks, snacks and freebies, so that they can relax and have a good time before their special night.

Provide special promotions

Prom-themed offers will catch the attention of any attendee. However, it is the same story as with rewarding the contesters – do not give away free services or discounts, but add something special as a gift. Discounts lure bargain hunters and make your services look like they may not be worth the full price. Be happy to treat your customers but value your work at the same time!

Hair salon prom specials may take the form of additional conditioning, scalp massage or little trim. If you are a nail artist, you can offer additional embellishment or special top coat. As for a prom special at a makeup salon, think about giving your client some free samples of cosmetics, preferably of the ones you used to do their makeup. Most adolescent gals will appreciate getting a little makeup freebie to play with!

Tip: Make sure your young customers are aware of how long a treatment takes to perform – you do not want them to book appointments too late and then get all stressed out in your salon!

Send customised offers

If you are using a salon software such as Versum, you can send customised messages to chosen groups of clients. Make sure to target prom-related offers to your younger audience and also to moms of teenage daughters!

Be creative and inviting – use phrases like:

  • Let us glam you up for your prom night!
  • Enjoy our special prom-otion!
  • Grab your friend and let us give you the best prom makeover!

As it is their very special day, your young customers may be a little stressed out and hence quite moody. Make sure the stylist performing the makeover is prepared for that. Remember that those teenagers may be your future loyal clients!

Doing a prom marketing campaign will be much easier if you use a tool like Versum, where you can gather a detailed database about your customers and then target offers at a specific group of them. Don’t miss out on the prom season! Start preparing your marketing strategy with Versum salon software today!

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