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What is content marketing, and how can you make use of it to effectively promote your spa or salon? Create attractive content that your potential customers will respond to – learn everything about content marketing and how it can help you promote your business more effectively!

What exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that beauty businesses and spas use to gain customers. This is done by providing potential clients with free materials (a blog or articles) about the services or products you offer and their advantages.  

Every salon or spa owner is guilty of promoting an offer – a BOGO (buy one get one) campaign and any number of discounted products and services. Instead of making use of such marketing techniques – write a short blog entry or Facebook post on why your most popular hair moisturiser is so great and how it can repair damaged hair. Potential clients who are struggling with this problem will acknowledge your expertise and will be more enticed to make a purchase. At the end of the article, include information about the ongoing promotion.

Traditional marketing vs. content marketing

We are all familiar with the term “door-to-door salesman” – someone who insistently tries to sell us a product we are not even familiar with. And what do we do when they ring our doorbell? Hide behind the couch and pretend that no one is home. But what exactly puts us off during the salesman’s pitch? Three things – the low cost (demoting the value), the salesman’s assertiveness and the lack of a decent value proposition. The worst part is that these three factors are also present in your traditional marketing campaigns!

Clients that see your discount offer will immediately consider it of lower value, thinking that the product may be soon to expire. A discount does not make the product look more appealing than others – promoting a product solely on it’s lowered price only helps you target bargain hunters. Although the time it takes for the client to make a purchase is almost immediate, the bond between your business and the customer is relatively weak.  

Content marketing, on the other hand, is not only more subtle, but it also creates a stronger bond with clients and increases sales. Instead of selling the product/service directly, convince the client with your expertise in the field through the means of an informative blog post on the discounted item. With your Versum system, send scheduled newsletters to clients and include your article or blog link in the text. Including relevant information, such as the benefits, treatment process or product usage will give clients all the more reason to make the purchase as well as follow your blog!  

The objectives of content marketing

The main goal of content marketing in the salon is the eventual acquisition of clients. While using this form of promotion, other goals are fulfilled as well, for example: building brand awareness, presenting your high level of expertise, improving relations and customer loyalty while gaining their trust. Your brand becomes associated not just with great products and services, but a knowledgeable team that clients can rely on. This ensures you that they will choose your business over the competition.

Why should you put your trust in content marketing?

In the world of hair & beauty, we need experts in the field – people who impress and inspire us with their creativity and knowledge. In our private lives, we deal with an influx of information, either on the way home from work, online or on TV. We pass by billboards, ads and see commercials on TV, with no way to verify their true value. The more valuable and practical the knowledge we give to clients, the greater the chance that they will consider our message as credible. Just look at famous beauty influencers who worked their way to stardom by building their names through sharing expert advice with their followers.

The success of those people is based on the following scheme:

  • The content of the expert’s campaign: Do you want to create the perfect rose gold balayage? Here are some of my free expert tips on doing so! Do not forget, you can really make your balayages shine with my latest colour line – purchase yours now!
  • The content of the follower’s campaign: Since the free advice has helped me make a marvellous balayage, imagine what that colour line could do for my work!

By giving something for free and offering a paid service at the right time, the transition to the sale is more natural. Thanks to the trust that has been built, the number of sales have increased than with the usual sales pitch.

Content marketing formats

Content marketing may come in a variety of formats and each has its own strengths.

  1. Text – how-to articles (eg. How to create amazing foil highlights), e-books, product recommendations, etc.
  2. Photos – pictures of the client before & after transformations, products you use regularly, etc.
  3. Video – videos with information on cosmetics, applications instructions, opinions on important topics related to beauty, webinars or Facebook live sessions.

How to create content that appeals to your audience?

Creating content that appeals to the majority of your clients should be your top priority. Start with assessing your client base. If you specialise in providing treatments to young clients, chances are they will not be interested in your article on how to reduce deep wrinkles caused by old age or before & after pictures of an anti-wrinkle transformation. Instead, focus on your most popular services. Your Versum system provides statistics on all of your services – simply look up your most popular ones and make note of their category. If your balayages are selling like crazy, then writing an article or making a video on this topic would be perfect! Make sure to provide your professional input and do not forget to mention your services and any great offers as well.  

Once your content is ready, deciding how you would like to distribute it should be your next step. The most popular forms of distribution are through Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc., however, with Versum’s help, you can share your content with clients directly, instead of hoping that it reaches your audience. Send newsletters to your clients via SMS or email, letting them know about your latest blog post, video or picture! Posting on social media pages is great, but your reach may be limited, as other posts may flood your customers’ feed.

With the right tools and approach, your marketing campaigns can be used for more than just bringing clients into your salon. Create a lasting bond with them by gaining their trust and loyalty through your expertise in the field. And get the most out of the content marketing campaigns with Versum!

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