Don’t give your salon services away!


Working in the beauty industry, you get to know many different kinds of customers. Some are more demanding, others are laid-back and easygoing. Among them, there is a very specific group of clients who are very pleasant to work with… until it’s time to pay for the service. Suddenly, the nice and unproblematic person becomes a doctor in economics, offering you an outlandish deal, or a true rebel who refuses to pay you at all.

Let’s take a look at the four cases of payment offenders and let us show you how to disarm them as soon as possible!

Market Trader

We already know them from one of our previous texts. This client is truly an unfulfilled entrepreneur: they may not want to pay you with money, but will surely offer you an amazing alternative… if you are into having your dog walked in exchange for a £180 balayage. The range of services offered is wide and wild. From having your house cleaned to providing a band for a wedding (this is a true story), Market Trader will surprise and amaze you with their creativity and twisted sense of generosity.

What to do?
In all seriousness now: don’t accept offers from Market Traders, even if they are honest and seem lucrative. Remember that you need actual money to run your salon – it’s pounds and pence that refill the stock, pay the costs of renting, provide salary for your employees, and so on. Be polite and assertive: refuse the offer and mention that you will gladly provide the service, but only if paid in a traditional way.

You run a business, fill tax declaration and have a whole team of workers depending on you. Privately, in your free time, you can exchange your services for whatever you want. But in your working hours, you are a salon owner and should never settle on this kind of solution.

Master of instalment plan

Our next work of art also has a PhD in Economics. They not only want to pay you unconventionally, but also come up with a plan on how to do it – an instalment plan, to be precise. To put it simply, they want to pay for a set of Russian eyelash extensions in instalments, £20 every month. Which means that you will collect your payment after half a year.

What to do?
Firstly, keep a poker face. I know it’s difficult, but a laughter outburst won’t help the case. Secondly, refuse in a most polite and considerate way.

Now, some beauty salons allow clients to pay in an instalment system. However, they have the procedure professionally prepared, so that the whole process is legal and secure for both sides. Moreover, most of these salons allow this payment method only in cases of the more expensive services, such as permanent make-up that can cost up to £1000. But accepting wild and unstructured instalments may easily end up with your client paying you the first one… and never showing up at your doors again. Avoid this at all costs!

Luxury Beggar

These cases are especially hard and uncomfortable for salon owners. Someone comes to your salon and openly asks for a huge discount or even entirely free service, arguing that they are a single parent, have a large family, have a disability, and so on.

What to do?
Now, some of these requests are genuine and it’s up to you whether you want to help this person or not. If you are able and willing to help someone in need, then it is a beautiful thing to do. However, not all cases are honest and sincere. Sometimes it’s not really a person in need, but someone with a sense of entitlement and inclination for free services. Then you have to remember, that your services are not the first aid. You shouldn’t feel obligated to do them for free – especially if the person asking clearly just wants to have a pricey treatment done at no expense.


The most problematic of all cases – theft of services. There are customers who throw a tantrum and insist they won’t pay because they are disappointed by the service. Others just want to rob you by simply walking away after the treatment without paying. Now you are dealing with a straight-on crime.

What to do?
To reduce the number of hysterical customers refusing to pay, firstly make sure you are keeping their expectations reasonable. Don’t oversell your services – don’t promise an icy blonde after one sitting when you see the client’s hair is level 6 at best. Do in-depth consultations before any treatment and perform tests, to make sure the customer won’t get an allergic reaction. If you notice anything questionable and are not sure whether you will achieve the expected outcome – step back. Better safe than sorry.

For the straight-on offenders, consider getting security cameras. Also, make sure to get the client’s information before you do anything. If you provide online booking, make sure it requires submitting an email address, phone number and a full name to make an appointment (Versum allows you to do so). Stay calm and under no circumstances try to stop the offender by force, chase them or blackmail them! Let them go, so the stressful situation doesn’t exaggerate any further, and then contact them to deliver a final warning and to arrange a payment. If that won’t work, report the theft and let the police do the rest. I know the situation is as tough as can be, but you have to stay rational and as calm as possible – especially when it comes to getting physical.

You provide top-notch services and they are worth their price. You get tons of customers who appreciate your hard work and are willing to happily hand you the full payment. Don’t let the dishonest ones get to you and secure your business the best you can. With the help of Versum, tag clients notorious for questionable requests and get personal  information via online booking. Now you are ready to face any difficult situation – and absolutely own it.

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