5 ways to effectively communicate with salon clients

effectively communicate with salon clients

Salon and spa managers are aware that regular and planned out contact with their clients is essential to maintaining excellent service records and creating new groups of loyal customers. Unfortunately, however, the lack of time, as well as the ever-growing amount of responsibilities, often makes contact with clients more neglected, which is a costly mistake.

Customer relations can be easily restored, and not only does this lessen time spent but also improves customer service and increases revenue for the business.

  1. Easy access to data

    Email addresses and telephone numbers of the clients should be at hand and used at all times. However, it may not be possible if the salon has a poorly organized database which is hard to access.

    From the first visit, the customer’s contact information should be gathered and entered into the salon’s management software suite. Only quick access to a client’s information will guarantee adequate customer service and communication for future visits.

    An electronic database with the clients’ contact details is the primary and most vital step in planning and organizing a professional form of communication with the clientele.

  2. Automatic reminders for scheduled appointments

    Appointment reminders assist in reducing the number of forgotten scheduled appointments by up to 70%. Due to this, contact with clients the day before their appointments becomes standard for the beauty industry.

    Unfortunately, in many parlors, these messages are often sent manually. Receptionists, nail techs, as well as managers, spend much of their time trying to contact clients via phone or text messaging one after another, but such forms of communication with clients are oftentimes ineffective and costly for the business. This unproductive and costly means of communication wastes valuable time that employees could spend on more important tasks at hand.

    Professional salon management systems allow hair and nail salons and beauty parlors to conveniently stay in contact with their clients through automatic appointment reminders.

  3. Quick and direct text messaging

    Nearly 100% of all messages sent via telephone are read by the receiver, which clearly shows that text messaging is one of the more prominent and effective means of communication. Text messages not only work as appointment reminders, but also should be utilized to improve relations with clientele through sending personalized birthday and holiday wishes, and messages of appreciation for visits.

    Messaging is also highly beneficial for promotional campaigns, allowing businesses to offer their clients discounts or exclusive monthly offers.

    Though text messaging is a convenient and friendly means of communication, it should not be used excessively. Otherwise, the client’s inbox may be flooded with less important texts. The solution for this is an advanced hair & beauty salon software suite, which not only stores a client’s date of birth but allows the user to record the client’s history of visits as well as their preferences regarding treatments and purchased cosmetics.

    This information allows for more customized offers, which the receiver will gladly take advantage of.

  4. Well-adapted emailing

    Messages sent via email remain a highly effective form of communication for clients, especially since nearly 50% of emails are read on telephones, allowing data to quickly and more effectively reach clients.

    Unlike text messaging, such information can be presented in a more detail-oriented fashion and embellished in an attractive design. This is a chance to introduce clients to current special offers, as well as advertise new treatments, updates on the blog or even upcoming contests. There are various possibilities with emailing. Most importantly, to offer clients information that will motivate them to take advantage of the salon’s many services.

    The distribution of collected data should, by all means, be automatized and such programs of mass data distribution made available in salons. The advantage of such automatic systems for businesses is that they not only collect customer information but also gather their purchase and salon visit history, which allows the business to create notifications made specifically for that client.

  5. Marketing automation

    A relatively new tool in the beauty industry is marketing automation. It is often mistaken for a simple email and text messaging program. However, it is anything but. This is a prepared communication and campaign set organized in a way to help make first time clients become returning customers.

    How does marketing automation exactly work in the beauty industry? To begin with, it gives salons the capability to control analyzed data regarding customer visits and purchases. Based on this data, the system sends a personalized offer or invitation for a next treatment.

    If it is the customer’s first visit, the system will simply issue a message thanking the customer for choosing the salon. It is a simple but kind gesture that will leave a positive first impression. In the case that the client decides to have a multi-step treatment, the system will notify the client to schedule a next visit. If the client has not visited the salon for some time, automatic marketing will send that client attractive offers that will tempt him or her to return.

    All messages, dispatch times, as well as campaign templates can be easily modified to fit the needs of the salon. Once a campaign has been set, the only thing left is to let the positive effects take place.

Don’t forget about your clients

There are many natural opportunities for contact with the customers. The thing is to maintain permanent relations, remind them of your services and motivate them to return. A strong and positive relationship with your clients proves that your business cares for them and values the quality of their experience. These days, not having time is no excuse. Modern salon and spa software solutions can almost entirely replace manual effort.

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