How appointment reminders can help you cut no-shows by up to 70%

Appointment reminder

Statistics don’t lie – salon owners who use Versum to send appointment reminders to their clients can reduce the number of no-shows by up to 70%. It’s an impressive score, especially if you convert it into sales – imagine earning up to 70% more money from your services. Automated appointment reminders are essential for getting the job done.

What makes them so effective and how can you get the most of them?

1. They arrive at the best time, in the right place

Usually, when a client books a visit, they either decide to rely on their memory only or enter the date to their notebook, planner or calendar. It works for some people… but others forget about their plans very quickly and don’t check their little paper helpers until it’s too late. Practical appointment reminders arrive at the perfect moment – for example, a day before the visit, when the client can still plan their day through. Automatic reminders make use of the most fitting mediums – emails and text messages. The latter is definitely the most effective, as you can be almost 100% sure the message will be received and read. Upon receiving a text message, most clients immediately rush to see who texted them. They won’t overlook your reminder even if they try!

2. They make it hard for customers to ghost you

A great advantage of appointment reminders, especially those sent via text messages, is that they seem very personal and confidential. Some customers become no-shows because they are too embarrassed to contact you and admit they have to cancel the appointment. From your perspective, even the most awkward cancellation call would be better than leaving you with a wasted slot and no information on what happened, but such people do not take responsibility for their actions – they simply do what’s most comfortable for them. An appointment reminder makes it harder for them to avoid interacting with you. They no longer can pretend that their visit is just “one of many” and “a trifle” to you – suddenly, they are being approached with a direct form of contact. They have to face the fact that you most certainly remember about their visit. Thanks to that some of them will decide to inform you about the cancellation.

3. They make cancellations less awkward for clients

As mentioned above, some customers never show up for their appointment as they find it too stressful to contact you and admit they will not be able to make it. They procrastinate, delaying the unpleasant moment, and finally, they don’t inform you at all. Somehow they think that you would be angrier if they called to cancel. This is why it is a great idea to include the “last cancellation call” in your appointment reminder that arrives early enough for the client to call off the visit without consequences. It’s a clear signal that you are okay with them cancelling the appointment as long as they will do it right now. Reminders can be a perfect opportunity to mention your salon policies on late cancellations and no-shows. You basically include a veiled warning while offering the last gateway.

4. They help clients to plan ahead

Living their busy lives, clients often do not think about their upcoming appointments too much and when the day finally arrives, they can get caught off-guard. All it takes is for them to forget to find a babysitter, not check how long the drive takes and if there is a parking nearby, dress in a way that will make getting the service done uncomfortable… Situations like these may result in delays and late cancellations. A reminder at least a day before the appointment helps customers to organise all their errands and prepare themselves for the visit.

5. They significantly boost customer service

Reminders are an important part of the consistent communication between you and your client. You let the customer know that you remember and care about their incoming visit. Moreover, automatic reminders allow clients to confirm, change, or cancel appointments when it is most convenient for them, rather than answering a confirmation phone call, which can come at an inopportune moment.

6. They are the perfect opportunity to reinforce your brand

Reminders are yet another occasion to present your business in a good light. Even though the message is short, you can customise it to emphasise the elements you consider the most important. Fitting the reminder’s tone to your overall style of communication makes the whole experience very cohesive and consistent.

7. They save you time and money

Making confirmation calls or sending reminders by hand can be a terrifying task. It’s exhausting, hard to manage and leaves room for mistakes, consequences of which can be catastrophic. Versum allows you to send reminders automatically – you just have to prepare your template (using dynamic variables like the appointment date and time) and set the rules (when the reminder should be sent and in which form – SMS or email) and voila – now the system will do the rest of the work for you. While clients receive their reminders on time, you can focus on other tasks at hand, all while reducing no-shows and saving valuable time and money.

Appointment reminders work so well because they are a convenience for both you and the customer. They meet the needs of both sides, becoming something of a bridge between what’s good for your business and for the client. Additionally, when you use a system that allows you to automate the process, you are suited for success.

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