How to promote your spa to get more clients?

How to promote your spa to get more clients?

It’s not enough to establish a fantastic spa business – if you want it to be profitable, you have to learn how to promote it. It’s absolutely essential to plan your spa marketing activities if you want to keep prospering – effective spa advertising techniques will allow you to fill up your schedule with customers. Let’s take a look at the best ideas and tools that will help you to not only quickly reach your goal, but also keep attracting new clients on a daily basis!

Spa marketing plan

Before you start looking for spa advertising ideas, it’s best to start with the basics. A marketing plan is a core concept of your strategy. When writing one, you analyse your target audience, competition, strengths and weaknesses, you set your goals, establish tools, and so on. A spa marketing plan is not difficult to prepare – and it’s a very useful document that keeps you right on track with everything you need to do and want to accomplish. What are the elements you should include in such a file?

Description of your business, target audience and competition

  • What are your core services?
  • What are your spa’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your mission and vision?
  • What is your target market?
  • Who is your biggest local competitor?

Description of your marketing goals

  • What are you aiming to achieve?
  • Do you want to focus on gaining new clients or boosting the loyalty of the current ones?
  • Do you want to engage more in social media or traditional forms of marketing?

Description of your planned activities

  • What are you planning to do in order to achieve your objectives?
  • Are you going to start doing something new?
  • What are your daily activities going to be?
  • What tools are you planning to use?

Spa marketing tools

What are the best marketing tools to use when you are planning to advertise your spa business? We are not talking about marketing channels, such as social media, but about solutions that allow you to make the best out of them.

Now, you can find many tools that promise to boost your marketing activities, but you have to be very careful – especially with the seemingly free ones. You need to remember that advertising tools require, at the very least, the key information on your business – and if you are going to launch email or SMS campaigns, contact details of your clients. Unreliable solutions are prone to data leaks, or even worse – can actually steal your data for their own goals. The consequences of such theft can be really severe, especially as it’s you who takes responsibility for the safety of data you gather on your customers.

If you want a truly reliable solution, it’s best to invest in an advanced spa management software that has features dedicated to marketing. Besides the absolute must-haves, such as online booking, detailed customer records or appointment reminders, Versum delivers features such as SMS and email marketing and social media support (you can publish reviews you get on your booking page directly on your Facebook or/and Twitter). Moreover, our special add-on called Marketing Automation offers you effective, customisable, pre-made marketing campaigns, aiming for four different goals – including getting new customers and getting back ones you’ve lost!

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Spa advertising ideas

Now, it’s time to list some smart concepts for spa advertisement. Always bear in mind that you need to fit the ideas to your personal situation – not everything will work in your case and some elements of the campaigns may need adjustment.

Local partnership

Many people, especially in smaller towns and rural areas, are very loyal to particular businesses. For example, they have their favourite tea shop, cafe, hairdresser and nail technician. This is why it’s a very clever idea to try to form a partnership with one of these recognisable, well-established local entrepreneurs. It’s nice to exchange promotional materials – but it’s even better to go one step further. For example, imagine that when visiting their favourite cafe, a client is informed that if they order a coffee and a dessert, they will receive a nice -15% discount for a hydromassage at your spa. They sip their espresso, enjoy their red velvet and look at the received voucher thinking “hey – wouldn’t it be nice to spoil myself just a little bit more? I was always curious about hydromassage, maybe it’s a sign? This voucher surely looks nice and this spa is located near me. Let’s not waste a discount!”. One pleasurable experience makes people more willing to invest in another.

Monthly specials

Clients love special offers, but too much of a good thing can be bad. If they see the same treatment regularly discounted as a “special offer”, they become suspicious. The trick is to always have something interesting behind the counter to lure them in, but make the “prize pool” fluid. Monthly specials are a great opportunity to achieve this goal. You are not keeping one service discounted all the time (which usually makes clients question if it is worth the original price at all) but rather make the impression of genuinely offering rewarding deals. You can also make cool themes for the specials (like a discount on vampire lifting for Halloween) and make a big deal of announcing the “special offers schedule” for each month on your social media. If you are using Versum, the best spa program, you can easily check which of your services are the most popular and which require a little extra promotion – with this knowledge, it will be easy for you to come up with offers that will seem rewarding for your clients but will actually be even more rewarding for your spa!

A great spa lottery

Finally, you can spice things up with a lottery. Lotteries are very effective, because people are usually enchanted with the idea of sure gratification combined with the excitement of the element of surprise. If you announce on your social media pages that you are running a lottery and whoever decides to visit you now will be able to take a part in it, the interest in your business will most definitely go up. If you additionally mention that the prizes will vary from your retail product samples to vouchers for your most popular and most luxurious treatments, your appointment calendar will probably explode. Remember to balance the prize pool nicely – make the “big one” a singular, main prize so that in general the lottery won’t bring you loss! It’s also crucial to promote this special event on social media – make sure to drop the news in multiple posts and to use proper spa hashtags whenever you mention it. Let the word out as much as possible!

Don’t sleep on promoting your spa business – it’s not enough to be great, people have to be aware of your greatness, if you want to keep your business afloat. And don’t sleep on the best spa software available – Versum! Give it a try today and see for yourself how much easier promoting your services can be.

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