How to sell more at your spa

In addition to being passionate about their work, spa owners are driven by a common goal: to make their businesses profitable. Achieving this goal is rather simple: the more sales, the more revenue – but the real trick is how to encourage clients to buy more at your spa, without being too pushy.

Cross-selling and its benefits

One of the secrets to sounding less pushy is no secret at all – it is called cross-selling, and it is commonly practiced in various industries. This process involves being familiar with a client’s purchase history and offering a product or service that is complementary to their previous buys. While tracking an individual customer’s history, look for any correlating purchases – someone who has had multiple aromatherapy sessions might be interested in your aromatherapy home kit or a number of your essential oils.

Tip: keep a keen eye on couples’ purchase history – since they come in pairs, they tend to bring your spa more profit. Offer them a unique couple’s service or kit, based on their previous purchases. If they enjoy exchanging gifts with one another, make your spa their favourite place to shop!

The most common method spas use for selling more products and services is discounting them. Although this can be effective if applied sparingly, it may be counteractive in increasing profits and even degrade your spa’s image if not restricted.

Cross-selling, as a result, provides these main advantages over discount selling:

  • Expertise – when you promote a service or product that goes hand in hand with another one and explain the benefits of doing so, clients will more likely give you their trust. As an example, a customer who had an anti-ageing facial should be recommended a lotion for removing dark circles from under the eyes, as these flaws give the skin an aged look.
  • Enhanced customer service – when you recommend a client one of your products or services based on their previous purchases, you show that you not only take your time in helping the customer look and feel good, but that you know them. This creates a strong bond and customers, as a result, become your loyal regulars!

Tip: Versum spa software stores the individual client data in one spot, allowing you to find everything you need – from intake forms and before & after pictures to a customer’s favourite products and services.

Listen to customers

The ideal moment to get to know your client is during their initial booking. Instead of asking what they want, ask what they would like to fix. When a client complains about skin or hair imperfections or mentions solutions that caught their attention, you will know exactly what to recommend.

However, topics that are not work-related tend to be the most valuable. When personal topics are raised, it shows that your customer trusts you and may be looking for some advice. If they begin to discuss things that stress or tire them out, like caring for their children 24/7 or working long hours, take these matters into account and use them to your advantage. Recommend that they take a day off and try one of your de-stressing services – if that is not an option, offer one of your relaxing kits for home use!

Positive feedback

Nothing cheers up a spa team more than a satisfied client, who will happily recommend the business. But before they leave your workstation, kindly ask if you may take their before & after pictures and if they can leave any feedback on their experience online. The review is perfect for bringing attention to your spa, but the before & after pictures are the real stars of the show. Use shots of your glorious transformations to encourage other clients to purchase your products and services.

If an uncertain potential client is having second thoughts about a service, showing them past transformations, along with your expert advice in the field, will definitely have them hooked!

Increasing the number of loyal customers

Each of us plays the role of the client in our day-to-day – whether we are grocery shopping, buying clothes or any other necessities. We tend to choose one enterprise we do business with over another for a number of reasons – better prices, higher quality products, or friendlier staff. However, when we pledge our loyalty to a particular business, it is usually because they give us something extra. To gain a larger following of loyal clients, you must do just that.

Unlike the regular, first-time client, loyal spa customers make more purchases because they trust you and your team. They feel attached to your business and want to help it prosper, this is why it is important to have as many of them as possible. Gain loyal spa clients by providing high-quality customer service, making them feel more like friends and family or by rewarding them for choosing your spa in the first place. With the help of Versum’s spa loyalty program, this can be done in an instant.

For every product or service purchased, the system automatically distributes a number of points to a client’s file. With these points, they can choose one of the prizes you offer, however, in order to gain more, they must make more purchases!

Selling more at your spa does not have to be stressful and pushy – with the right approach and reliable spa software, your business is going to climb new heights!

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