How to word salon reopening messages for customers (with samples)

Reopening messages

One cannot overestimate the value of proper communication with clients when it comes to reopening your hair or beauty salon after the lockdown. In general, the better informed your customers are, the better for your business – for numerous reasons. Firstly, your customers simply have to know when they can expect their favourite salon to reopen. Secondly, to abide by your safety protocols, clients have to be aware of them – clear communication helps to avoid unpleasant situations in which a customer comes to your salon unprepared. Thirdly, many people will be deciding on a salon to visit based on how faithfully its staff follows the safety guidelines – being clear about taken precautions can actually earn you more clients.

In this article, you will find samples for five types of messages:

  • Announcing your reopening
  • Informing customers that you decided to postpone the reopening date
  • Reminding about your new booking methods
  • Appointment reminders (extended with relevant information)

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Messages informing clients about your reopening

Sending messages regarding your reopening after the COVID-19 lockdown is most definitely a cheerful moment. Nonetheless, wording such texts can still be challenging! To make the process much easier, take inspiration from our templates.

SMS samples

Hello, [CLIENT’S NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] from [BUSINESS NAME]. We are happy to announce that on [REOPENING DATE] we are opening our salon again. As health is our highest priority, we’ve introduced new safety protocols – you can find them on our website: [LINK]. We can’t wait to see you again!

Hi, it’s [BUSINESS NAME]. We are reopening our salon on [REOPENING DATE] and looking forward to seeing you again! Please, get familiar with our new safety protocols prior to booking your appointment – we’ve sent you an email, but you can also find them on our Facebook page: [LINK]. Thank you and see you very soon!

It’s reopening o’clock! The [BUSINESS NAME] team is happy to announce that on [REOPENING DATE] we are going back to business. We ask you to familiarise yourself with our new safety protocols – you’ll find them on our Instagram ([LINK]) and our website ([LINK]). Thanks and see you there soon!

Email sample


Last few months have been very difficult for all of us, and we have been looking forward to the day when we can welcome clients back to [BUSINESS NAME]. That day has finally arrived! From [reopening date], we will be providing services again.

We want to ensure you that we will operate based on the reopening guidelines established by the government. Our team has been working hard to raise the bar on hygiene and sanitation to meet all the regulations. Since the health and safety of our clients and staff members is our highest priority, we ask you to kindly get familiar with our new salon rules.

We keep our salon safe by:

  • Regularly and thoroughly disinfecting our hands, tools and all surfaces
  • Limiting interpersonal contact as much as possible
  • Maintaining proper spacing
  • Wearing protective equipment
  • Operating in an appointment-only system
  • Encouraging cashless payments

We ask our clients to:

  • Book their visit online or by a phone
  • Fill a screening questionnaire when making their appointment
  • Disinfect their hands thoroughly as soon as they arrive at the salon
  • Do not bring company for their visit
  • Cancel or reschedule their appointment if they feel unwell
  • Wear a face covering*

*Update: From 24 September, guidance stating that face coverings and visors should be worn in close contact services will become law.

To book an appointment, please visit [LINK TO YOUR BOOKING PAGE] or call us at [PHONE NUMBER]. Thank you for being understanding – all the changes in our operating are motivated for providing a safe and comfortable place for all our clients and team members.

We look forward to seeing you again!


“We are reopening at a later date” messages to customers

Numerous beauty businesses are going to reopen the same day the lockdown for the industry is officially lifted, but if you decided to wait a little longer, it may be a wise idea to inform your clients about this. Sending a “we are not reopening just yet (but will be soon)” message to clients may seem unnecessary – but try to look at things from the customers’ perspective. Seeing their favourite salon closed when so many others celebrate being back to business can be unnerving and bring implications that your business didn’t make it.

Hi, it’s [YOUR NAME] from [BUSINESS NAME]. We want our reopening to be as safe as possible and therefore, we’ve made the decision to postpone it to [REOPENING DATE]. However, you can already book your appointment – visit us on [LINK TO YOUR BOOKING PAGE] and make sure to check our new safety protocols on [LINK]. Thank you and see you very soon!

Hello, [CLIENT’S NAME], it’s the [BUSINESS NAME] team. The health of both our clients and staff is our highest priority – therefore, we’ve decided to wait for a little longer with our reopening, in order to ensure the safest environment possible. Thank you for understanding and see you very soon!

Hello, it’s [BUSINESS NAME]. As we prioritise the health and safety of our clients and team members, we’ve decided to postpone our reopening for a further date. We’ll let you know as soon as the exact date is known. Thank you for understanding, stay safe and see you soon!

Messages announcing your new booking methods

The reopening regulations include taking bookings by appointment only. The government advises businesses to convert into taking bookings either by phone or online – especially the latter, as it’s the safest and most convenient method (get to know more here). Your clients have to be aware of these changes before they start contacting you to make an appointment. Therefore, if you are planning your reopening, it’s best to send a message to customers explaining the situation as soon as possible.

Hi, it’s [YOUR NAME] from the [BUSINESS NAME] team. To ensure maximum safety, from now on, we are taking bookings by appointment only. You can either contact us by phone ([PHONE NUMBER]) or book your spot online at [LINK TO YOUR BOOKING PAGE]. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you again!

Hello, it’s the [BUSINESS NAME] team. Due to the new safety regulations, from now on, we are taking bookings by appointment only. If you would like to visit us, you can book your spot online at [link to your booking page] or call us (our contact number: [PHONE NUMBER]). We can’t wait to see you again!

Appointment reminders mentioning important information

Finally, let’s not forget about appointment reminders! The importance of sending them cannot be stressed enough – salon owners who use Versum to send them admit they allow to reduce the number of no-shows by up to 70%. You can read more about the advantages of sending appointment reminders in this article.

At the moment, it’s best to update your appointment reminders with important information concerning your safety protocols.

 [BUSINESS NAME] would like to remind you about your visit on the [DATE] at [TIME]. Remember to familiarise yourself with our safety protocols available on [LINK]. Thank you!

Hi! Just a quick reminder from [BUSINESS NAME] of your visit planned for the [DATE] at [TIME]. If you are feeling unwell, we ask you to cancel or reschedule your visit. Check our safety protocols on [LINK]. Thank you!

Hi! It’s [BUSINESS NAME], writing to remind you about your visit planned for [DATE] at [TIME]. If you are feeling unwell, we ask you to cancel or reschedule your visit. Remember to follow our safety protocols when arriving at your appointment – you’ll find them here: [LINK]. Thank you and see you there!

If you are looking for a digital solution that will allow you to take bookings online, send bulk messages to clients, set automated appointment reminders and much more, start your free trial with Versum and see what a difference it makes!

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