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The Holidays are rapidly approaching and by now, you should be brainstorming how to prepare your salon for this festive season, as leaving this for the last minute is never a good idea. For most beauty businesses, this is the busiest time of the year, so creating a calculated agenda is vital for getting the most out of the Holidays!

Salon owners usually get into the spirit of the season with a thought out shopping list, which includes things such as streamers, bows, baubles, a Christmas tree, holiday-themed foods, drinks for clients and gifts for friends and family. Although these are important in creating a warm, festive vibe, they are not unique to your salon. Chances are, your competition is also doing their holiday shopping right now – but there is no need to panic! Here are some original ideas to really make your salon stand out and surprise your customers!

Holiday offers

Special offers – the ace up every salon owner’s sleeve, widely used to promote and sell a product or service. During special occasions, such as the Holidays, businesses implement attractive prices on their products and services that work perfectly to draw crowds to the salon. Offering a BOGO (buy one get one free) discount, gift bags, promotional codes for the Holidays or other hot offers is perfect for filling in empty slots in your appointment calendar as well. These Holiday promotions are excellent for drawing in offer-seeking clients, however, to spread the Holiday cheer, you need to give clients a unique experience. Here is what you should do to really give clients a unique experience:

Heartfelt Holiday wishes

Well-wishing is the true essence of the Holidays – we wish our close ones the best, so that all of their dreams may come true, however, more often than not, salons tend to underestimate the true potential of warm wishes. During the Holidays, most salons are packed to the brim with appointments, so much in fact, that they simply cannot take walk-in bookings. Now imagine having to service everyone properly and exchange heartfelt wishes with each client, while the line of impatient customers keeps growing. A simple “Happy Holidays” wish is a kind gesture, but it is not very impactful.

Instead, go beyond the call of duty and send customers truly sincere wishes. With your Versum account, launch your wholehearted wishes directly to clients via text or email, thanking them for their support and letting them know how much they mean to your business.

To save you some time, we have prepared for you a list of hearty Holiday wishes, which you can send directly to customers via text or email. Make their Holidays memorable, from your salon straight to their hearts!

Ornate and original Holiday vouchers and gift cards

Vouchers and gift cards are the perfect present for anyone that has earned their spot on a nice list – the owner of the card can freely decide on what to spend it on, while the salon makes a profit and gains a potential return customer. However, during this season, most beauty businesses simply do not have the time to create an elegant Holiday voucher, and simply offer the ones that are sold regularly. Although most customers will not be displeased, ask yourself, “would receiving boring vouchers for the Holidays make me feel exceptional?” The answer is obvious, but it does not have to be so!

Make your business stand out and offer your clients a beautiful gift card for the Holidays, created by the Versum team. They make for the perfect present and are elegantly designed with Holiday themes, which you can download and print yourself! Once sold, tracking their usage can be done easily with the help a voucher management feature found inside of your Versum system.

Turn a regular visit to your salon into something memorable for both your business and clients – share the spirit of the season with heartfelt wishes, beautiful vouchers and Holiday gift cards!

Download free gift cards and Holiday wishes

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