Make your customer feel like a queen (and get royally rewarded)

woman with a flower crown

When your customers walk into the salon, they take off their coats and replace them with a metaphorical royal capes instead. Now that they are in your domain, they shall feel like kings and queens being served with the most delightful experience. This concept of excellent customer service is often misunderstood – it is not about being obsequious and allowing clients to cross the line, but about providing them with an experience so remarkable, that they will immediately feel like rebooking. Let’s find out how to make sure your clients will come back to your castle, in order for your monthly paycheck to becomes undoubtedly regal!

The queen has arrived

When a customer comes to your salon to book an appointment, it is very important to acknowledge their presence. You may be raising your eyebrows, but you have no idea how much it affects one’s view on the salon! Even if your receptionist (or you personally) is talking with another customer, they should make eye contact with the new guest and smile, letting the walk-in know that their presence has been noted and they will be tended to as soon as possible. It is a simple gesture, but it shows that you are polite, engaged and professional. Furthermore, when treated this way, the customer is much less likely to change their mind and leave – they already created a bond with you.

Tea for her highness

Now, before the treatment even begins, you should make sure the customer feels they are taken care of. It is all about small, seemingly irrelevant things – hanging their coat, recommending tea or coffee, asking if the temperature is right, leading them to their chair, and so on. In general, the more you ask them about their preferences, the better. Your goal is to make the experience as personalised as possible. Don’t forget to note all this information, it is essential for you to be able to recreate the same conditions without asking during their next visit! Use your salon software to keep track of this data – Versum allows you to add little notes to every customers’ profile. Forget paper client cards and sticky notes, your data will be safe and sound here.

Give a royal treatment

Metaphorical and figurative – after all, they came here for the outstanding service! During the process, make sure to continue the interview and don’t restrain yourself to questions about facts – ask about opinions. Getting to know their hair history and care routine is one thing, but it is even more important to find out what they like and dislike about their hair, what style they prefer, what problems they have, and so on. Precisely note every detail in your salon software – you never know when they may be needed.

Send a noble letter

Your customer went home pleased with the service? That’s awesome, but your work doesn’t end here! Now you will have the opportunity to use the information you noted and to extend the salon experience.

  • Send your client a message where you thank them for the visit. Don’t forget to ask them for a review and capitalise how much you value their opinion.
  • Note their birthday and send them personalised greetings! Mention that you have prepared a little something that you will be happy to give them during their next visit. Having all the notes about their preferences, you can collect a very special goodie bag for them – they will be thrilled to discover how well-thought-out the little gift is!
  • Consider getting a marketing automation add-on to your Versum system. It is an advanced tool that analyses customers’ appointment history and chooses the right time to send them messages with offers or invitations – and does it all fully automatically. Once again, clients like a personal approach – they will appreciate that you remember they need a root touch-up or that you send a special offer on the treatment they like the most!

Show your clients how much you value their loyalty and support. Of course, it is not easy to remember all these details when you have so many customers – that is why you should consider getting yourself a digital assistant. You do the talking, listening and the whole courtesy, while your Versum system takes care of keeping the data safe. With the marketing automation add-on, messages are sent to the appropriate recipients without you having to touch a thing! Versum is the future of salon customer service – try this and many more unique features today!

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