Offer clients the perfect beauty salon visit

Offer clients perfect beauty salon visit

There’s no better feeling for beauty salon owners than seeing clients falling in love with one of their marvellous treatments – especially if the customer was difficult to win over. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the perfect salon visit doesn’t start and end with the service! To truly provide an exceptional experience for your clients, you need to begin working your magic even before the would-be customer walks into your salon!

Create the right mood

When choosing beauty salons to visit, potential clients look at three things – prices, reviews and the overall look of the place. A reasonably priced salon with overall positive reviews sounds great, but if the interior is bland and musty, or resembles a hotel room from the 1970s, then chances are clients not going to choose this type of salon in the first place. Bear in mind that customers want to get their nails done or be treated with a beautiful pair of new brows and lashes – all while feeling relaxed, and not having to stare at bright, flickering fluorescent light bulbs for at least an hour. Consider giving your business a makeover and go with a specific theme – like dark, metallic steampunk tones, or bright (not overly bright) tones, like those in a Hollywood makeup studio. And when clients see pictures of a dazzling interior that appeals to their senses, they’re going to fall in love with your business before even visiting! For more ideas on creating a dazzling interior in your beauty business, have a read here!

The arrival

Just like any other day, a customer books a visit at your business and they arrive right on time. However, it might be busier than usual and you and the rest of the team are in a rush. The customer is asked to have a seat while you finish up with your previous client – and that’s fine, but make sure your new arrival is being pampered even while they wait. Your receptionist (if you have one) should prioritise clients (especially first-time customers) in order to provide them with a perfect beauty salon visit. When a customer arrives, make sure that they’re offered something to drink and are asked how their day is going along. Additionally, you may want to provide reading materials as well create a list of your recent discounts and new treatments.

Tip: By providing clients with a list of your latest offers and new treatments while they wait to be serviced, you increase your chances of them booking another service. Try it out yourself!

During the treatment

Now is your time to shine – your client is at your station and you’re ready to start working. You’ve been in this situation many times, and although each client is different, your approach should stay the same. Remember to ask how their day is going and compliment them on their looks and consider trying the following:

  • Ask what’s the occasion for the treatment
  • Recommend complementary treatments
  • Invite the client to an upcoming event you’re hosting
  • Mention any offers that might interest them
  • Ask about their family, favourite shows or hobbies

The reasoning behind this is very simple – by asking a customer these questions, you make them feel like an individual and not just another client, and as a result, they grow a stronger bond with you and your business!

Before they leave

You’ve just given a new customer an amazing transformation and they’re head over heels! They’re ready to pay and all is said and done – but hold your horses! It looks as though you’ve done everything to provide an amazing beauty salon visit, but you’re missing a key part! Before the client leaves, mention that you regularly provide great offers, birthday discounts and new treatments testing. Ask that they leave their details and store them in the Versum customer database, which will keep all of their information under lock and key, while being compliant with GDPR. The system automatically sends birthday wishes, scheduled messages, booking reminders and review requests at the right time via SMS or email – making sure your customers are remembered and cared for, even after they’ve left your salon.

Providing regulars and most importantly first-time clients an exceptional beauty salon visit is necessary in order to keep them coming back. From before they step through your doors to right after they leave your business, you’re responsible for providing them with a one-of-a-kind visit – and Versum’s messaging features will be a great help! Grab your free account and make your clients’ visits more memorable!

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