Marketing misconceptions
25.01.21 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Marketing misconceptions that hurt your salon

Throughout your career as a hair or beauty specialist, you’ve tried a number of different marketing techniques, which more than likely produced varying degrees of success. Naturally, you look to duplicate those...

Filling empty slots
22.01.21 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

How to quickly fill slots in your salon before (and after) a lockdown

They’re a thorn in the side that many hair and beauty specialists have gotten used to putting up with - yes, we mean lockdowns. Your county falls into tier 4 and presto,...

Firing a client
18.01.21 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

When you have to fire a client…

Sometimes, when the odds are really not in your favour, you have to fire your staff member - which is difficult, hard to do graciously and very uncomfortable for both you and...

13.01.21 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon tips

Staying social in a busy salon – what should you post?

Too busy to post on your social media pages? Every hair and beauty specialist wants problems like that! But being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re packed with bookings - sometimes personal...

Hair salon regulations and rules for clients
05.01.21 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

Hair salon rules for clients. What should you expect from your customers?

You follow tons of different hair salon regulations and rules, beginning with organisational procedures from your carefully crafted manual, and ending with safety protocols that allow you to work, even during the...

Starting a hair salon - what you should know
04.01.21 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon tips

How to start a hair salon business?

There comes a time in every hairstylist’s career when they contemplate on opening their own hair salon. As you well know, this leads to a fork in the road - either you...

Duties of a hairstylist. Are you familiar with all of them?
03.01.21 Briella Cendrzak | Salon tips

Duties of a hairstylist. Are you familiar with all of them?

If you have been working in the industry for quite some time now, you may be really surprised (or maybe even slightly offended) by this question. Of course, you know your responsibilities!...

The best methods for getting more clients for hair stylists
02.01.21 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon tips

The best methods for getting more clients for hair stylists

You’ve seen a few hair and beauty businesses throughout your career with a peculiar message, either presented on a poster or on a social media fan page, which reads: “We are no...

Last year problems
01.01.21 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon during the epidemic

Resolving last year’s problems that are haunting your salon in 2021

Although 2021 looks to be a shining ray of hope for most hair and beauty miracle workers, there are challenges that continue to permeate from last year that need to be addressed...