Positive client feedback is the most effective form of advertising
09.06.16 Monika Kasperczyk | Company news

Positive client feedback is the most authentic and effective form of advertising

When it comes to the customer experience, it’s very common for hair and beauty salon clients to be influenced by other people's opinions of the services provided. Potential clients highly value this...

Beauty salon customer service checklist | How to get clients to rebook?
12.05.16 Monika Kasperczyk | Salon tips

Encourage your clients to come back using a simple customer service checklist

You have excellent services, a wonderfully decorated salon and a great team of experienced professionals. Your customers seem to be happy and appreciate the service, but… they don't come back as often...

Effective resource management in your salon
07.04.16 Leszek Czyż | Versum updates

Effective resource management in your salon

Running a salon requires smooth organisation and exceptional time management. To achieve maximum profitability, you need to make the best use of both your staff and other available resources, such as equipment...

How to successfully engage your Facebook fans
31.03.16 Łukasz Dębski | Salon tips

How to successfully engage your Facebook fans

Facebook is the most popular social networking site worldwide. In the UK alone, there are currently between 35 and 40 million of monthly active users, most of whom visit the site every...

7 reasons why you should use online appointment book in your salon
23.03.16 Leszek Czyż | Salon tips

7 reasons why you should use online appointment book in your salon

Still hesitating about using online booking in your salon? Your competitors have it already. You probably keep asking yourself whether online booking is safe and will pay off and streamline your work....

You should use these salon marketing tools to avoid mistakes
07.03.16 Monika Kasperczyk | Salon tips

Top 5 salon marketing mistakes

Developing effective promotional strategies and running successful marketing campaigns can be challenging even for experienced managers of hair and beauty salons. After all, not everyone is a marketing guru, and most salons...

Marketing Automation
25.01.16 Leszek Czyż | Salon tips

Grow your business with Marketing Automation

New customers walk through your door every day. Whether they will stay or not depends on you. Seize the opportunity! Use the marketing automation features available in Versum to turn walk-in customers...

How to manage a hair & beauty salon business? 5 tips for you!
19.01.16 Monika Kasperczyk | Salon tips

5 business areas you should take care of to effectively manage your salon

To successfully run a hair & beauty salon you need more than a nice-looking place and a good pair of scissors. Managing and marketing skills are also highly appreciated if you want...

10 reasons why you should use web-based/cloud salon software
11.01.16 Leszek Czyż | Salon tips

10 reasons why you should use web-based salon software

Web-based software, sometimes also referred to as cloud  based salon software, is one which you use with a web browser, rather than install locally on your computer. Popular web-based software solutions include...