How do you measure success?
21.09.17 Julius Dzierlatka | Salon tips

How do you measure success?

Coming up with a single, consistent definition of success is no walk in the park - each business has its own goals and different ways they want to achieve them. Putting in...

5 simple ways to build an effective and committed team
08.09.17 Monika Kasperczyk | Salon tips

5 simple ways to build a committed team

It is every manager’s dream to lead a dedicated and enthusiastic team. Competent and passionate employees that work together harmoniously are one of the most important ingredients for a successful and thriving...

personalizing customer communications
28.08.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Versum filters – personalizing customer communications

Keeping a customer database accurate and up-to-date is absolutely vital for your beauty salon – it will help boost the salon’s revenue, retain customers and build customer loyalty. A good way to...

22.08.17 Leszek Czyż | Versum updates

Easier online appointment booking with the new service variants feature

Versum does not waste any time, even in the summer! We have rolled out a new handy feature: service variants. This function applies particularly to businesses which use online booking. Its objective...

Easy gratuity settlement in Versum management software
16.08.17 Leszek Czyż | Versum updates

Easy gratuity settlement in Versum

Versum keeps a close watch on the beauty industry and always strives to respond to its needs. This time, we have focused on the issue of gratuities which employees receive from satisfied...

Getting more men into salon
14.08.17 Agnes Kafka | Salon tips

How to encourage men to visit your salon?

The clientele of the hair & beauty sector changes and develops as dynamically as the salons and specialists who work there. Nowadays, the world of professional health & beauty care is open...

Now you can finally take a holiday!
07.08.17 Sławomir Gawłowski | Salon tips

Now you can finally take a holiday!

Running a business is a great responsibility. Regrettably, many people seem to forget that the success of a salon or a spa, in addition to the skills and ambitions of the owner,...

Spa Software Reviewer's Choice
26.07.17 Agnes Kafka | Company news

Spa Software Reviewer’s Choice

Commitment and hard work always pay off! Versum software has been recognised in a Reviewers’ Choice ranking as SPA management software which has received some of the best appraisals from its users....

New capabilities of the Tasks function
21.07.17 Leszek Czyż | Versum updates

New capabilities of the Tasks function

The popular Tasks function already provides assistance to more than 14 thousand salon and SPA professionals across the world. The function allows for the efficient planning and assigning of tasks to individual...