Positive client feedback is the most authentic and effective form of advertising

client feedback on the beuaty salon's website

When it comes to the customer experience, it’s very common for hair and beauty salon clients to be influenced by other people’s opinions of the services provided. Potential clients highly value this type of information as it lends the salon an air of credibility and integrity. And so the client is able to make a simple decision on which salon to visit.

Without a doubt, you also have numerous satisfied clients who would be willing to share their positive experience. Give them the chance to do so. Allow them to become your best advocates. Consequently, new clients will be more likely to use your services and existing clients will feel more connected with you. It’s a double win.  

Increase your ad exposure

You can publish positive client feedback on the salon’s website, alongside social network sites. That way you will become more prominent online and your message will reach a bigger group of prospective clients. And most importantly, you will enhance your credibility. Surely no one will resist an offer, especially if satisfied clients reinforce the quality of its services. Recommendations are the key to success.

Improve customer service standards

Customer recommendations act as a sound endorsement of the quality of services provided by the salon and its workers. Positive reviews are a clear indicator that you provide high-class services and that your team lives up to your expectations. The less flattering reviews will help you fine-tune the areas of your business that need improvement. Be mindful that the client is your ally who will help you enhance the quality of the salon’s services. Keep your ears open and listen carefully to your clients.


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Ensure two-way communication

Receiving customer feedback is the perfect opportunity to engage in effective communication with your clients. If a customer shares their opinion on the service they’ve received, you get a chance to react by either thanking them for compliments or by responding to their comments and suggestions. Customers love it when their opinion is taken into account! They will appreciate the level of your commitment and recommend your services even more enthusiastically. It’s a win-win situation.

Streamline your work

Do you want to ask your client for feedback, but find yourself lacking time? You don’t have to do it manually. Start using Versum and see how simple it is. The system will automatically send each customer who used your salon’s services an email with a hair & beauty salon feedback form. The data will then be saved by the system and a clear-cut statistics report will be generated which will help you gain an insight into the customer satisfaction as well as which services and employees received the best feedback.   

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