Rude customers – how to deal with them like a pro

how to deal with rude customers

Rude customers – they are the epitome of a salon staff’s worst nightmare. In fact, no matter what industry, business staff and owners try to avoid them at all costs. Their frustration may be caused by a number of reasons – from waiting too long for their appointment, to feeling ripped-off and not being satisfied with their new look.

Since every client is different, there is no golden rule when it comes to dealing with rude customers. However, salon owners and staff should follow these three steps in ensuring that the customer and their complaints do not get out of control.

Step #1 – Calm the customer

The first and top priority for salon staff is calming the customer. If there is an argument between the salon staff and client, it is best for a manager or business owner to intervene, as they may take the issue at hand more personally. Asking the client to explain themselves seems like a good idea, but it may backfire, making them more irritated. Instead, apologising to them, no matter the situation, is a must. In this situation, the phrase “the customer is always right” is most relevant.

Getting into an argument with them is not recommended, even if the salon team is in the right, as they may feel attacked and will share their experience on social media pages. Reviews on social media pages cause the most harm to businesses, as it lowers the salons chances of gaining more clients. Those that witness the situation in person may also feel out of place. Tending to a rude customer in a professional manner may give a good impression of the business, but if this is recurring, customers might decide to visit another salon next time.

Step #2 – Resolving the issue

Once the customer is calmed, the salon team should discuss the issue, while treating them with respect. If they had to wait long for their service, the prices were too high, there was an issue with booking or they were not pleased with their final look, recommend a nice discount and mention that you care for their comfort.

Pricing in salons may vary, especially when it comes to the customers’ previous treatments. If they have been using box colors recently, chances are lifting the hair is going to be a long and costly process – staff members should be prepared to ask clients about any treatments they may be doing themselves, which may have an impact on the service at the salon.

As far as bookings go, customers may have trouble reaching the business if the phone line is ringing all day. Instead, activate your Versum online booking website and recommend them to book through there. This will make it fast and easy to find the right service and choose the most convenient time for the appointment. Best of all, clients can book whenever they would like.

Additionally, you may offer a discounted service package, where the client may have a number of sessions of a service. This ensures that they, even though may have been upset, will remain your customers in order to take advantage of this discount.

Step #3 – Speak with your team

The rude customer may have left the salon, however, the salon owner or manager should discuss such situations with the staff. Chances are the staff may already know the rude customer and may have had negative experiences with that person. In this situation, it is best to make note of this client in your Versum customer records section and mark them under “rude/needy customers”. Next time this client makes a booking, staff members will know what to expect and how to prepare accordingly for this customer. Creating a guide for staff members on how to put up with rude customers would also be a great idea.

If none of these options work effectively in satisfying the customer’s needs, the final option would be to fire them. Although firing a client sounds intimidating, beauty businesses do this quite often. If the customer is never satisfied with the salon’s services, politely inform them that the business cannot tend to their needs and that it would be best that they found a salon better-suited to their requirements. It is a painful process to ask a customer to leave, but in the long run, the salon team does not have to be in a state of constant stress.

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