Salon staff – procedures they should follow

Salon staff regulations

Running a salon after the lockdown isn’t necessarily a walk in the park – in fact, with all the government regulations being enforced, many salon owners are finding it difficult to get back in the game altogether. However, those who are going strong already have the customer care aspects down, but protocols regarding staff might seem a bit unclear. How are working shifts meant to be managed? How should workstations be organised? Can staff still have regular breaks throughout the day? In order to answer these questions, let’s start at the beginning of the workday.

Your responsibilities

As the salon owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your team knows duties assigned to them and the protocols they’re required to follow. Your salon is only as safe as how knowledgeable your team is of health and safety regulations – you can find the government guidance for operating in a post-lockdown reality here. Prior to arriving at the salon, your team must have a planned out pairing system (if they’re in close proximity to one another throughout most of the workday) assigned by you, as well as the right PPE and screens in order to ensure them a safe workspace.

Staff arrival

Not so fast! Prior to arriving at your salon, you should get in touch with the first shift group and ask how they’re feeling. Even a slight fever or cough should not be disregarded – ask that your staff stay home if they’re feeling under the weather. Now onto your staff’s arrival. Before settling into their workstations, your team must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser prior to putting on their visors (which should also be disinfected if they are reusable). Before the first client of the day walks in, the workstation and tools have to be disinfected and a seat cover should be in place. Even while working with their regular shift group partners, your staff must maintain social distancing whenever possible.

When treating clients

Your team prepares their stations for the workday, goes over the appointment book and puts on all the necessary PPE. They’re also familiar with the beauty and hair salon procedures, and know that prior to each appointment, the client must pass your screening questionnaire. If you’re taking in clients without screening them, you not only break the law but also increase the risk of an outbreak in your salon (send digital screening questionnaires and have clients fill them out from home!).

And so the first client of the day arrives – your team must encourage them to wash their hands before entering the salon and should go over the essential salon procedures that are enforced. If the business has its own hair or beauty salon procedures in place, and the client chooses not to abide by them – your staff may deny them service.

Tip: You ARE NOT required by law to measure your customers’ temperatures – more debunked salon regulations here!

When treating clients, there are a number of salon procedures for employees to follow, namely:

  • Maintaining and encouraging social distancing wherever possible
  • Avoiding skin contact with other staff or clients
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the workstation, tools and reusable PPE after each client
  • Avoiding sharing tools or switching workstations
  • Managing queues

With all of that aside, your staff are still held accountable for treating the client and providing positive customer service, which is in and of itself a considerable feat worthy of praise. Having to keep your client waiting in line outside your salon, not being able to offer them anything to eat or drink (besides water in a bottle or disposable cup), or not being able to provide them with petty luxuries such as reading material can severely impact their experience. Let’s face it – your team has a lot on their plate!

At the end of the shift

For most salons in a post-lockdown reality, the end of the shift is marked with sighs of relief, growling stomachs and half-enthusiastic laughs. Although it is time to pass the Olympic torch (the shift) to the next shift group, there is still much to be done. Prior to leaving, the first shift group must dispose of all waste and belongings from the work area and sanitise seats, treatment beds, basins, tables, shears and other equipment. During shift handovers, both shift groups should maintain social distancing, and the next group must clean and disinfect the workstations and equipment before using it.

Throughout the workday, it is important that your salon operates in an appointment-only system as well. With that being said, your team may only treat clients who have scheduled appointments and have passed your screening survey. To aid in this process, salons are turning to Versum, salon software – which offers the Screening Questionnaire and Online Booking features. Salon customers can book 24/7 and must take the screening survey before arriving for their appointment. Their results are visible even before they come in, allowing you and your team to prepare accordingly. Sign up and test out reliable salon software with no hidden fees, no online booking commissions, and free support forever.

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