When staff don’t comply to your reopening protocols

Covid protocols

Even prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, chances are you most likely didn’t tolerate non-compliance from your staff regarding your salon rules. However, as hair and beauty businesses all over the UK are preparing to reopen, you’re probably asking yourself “how should I enforce new protocols and what should I do if my staff choose not to abide by them”?

Firstly, make sure that you yourself are familiar with the reopening standards – follow only reputable sources for this information, such as the GOV.uk and NHBF webpages. Regularly check for any updates pertaining to reopening your salon and what PPE (personal protective equipment) you are required to purchase for both clients and staff. If you intend on implementing your own protocols that are not required by law, but provide you with a greater sense of security – see our article on salon protocols.

Informing your team

As soon as you find out the exact reopening date and regulations that must be followed in order to operate from your hair or beauty salon legally, you’re responsible for informing your staff about them. Make sure your team knows exactly what to expect when they arrive on the first day, and inform them about their wages and coming off furlough. It would be best if you and your team met online prior to the reopening day in order to prepare accordingly. As the employer, you are held responsible for ensuring health (physical and mental) and safety measures at work for your staff, as well as a system for working with clients – through instruction, management, incentivisation and of course discipline. Your team works with a number of clients throughout the day, however, once you reopen, it is essential that they follow proper safety standards in order to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19 in your salon.

Non-compliance from your staff

During your meeting prior to your reopening, address any concerns and uncertainties your team may have, in order to avoid uncomfortable situations once you begin taking bookings – if one of your staff members does not feel comfortable with the newly implemented protocols (both your own and those enforced by law), you should resolve this matter as soon as possible.

What if an employee informs you on reopening day that they choose not to wear a face visor required by law, as they have a medical condition? This is a situation that you most certainly want to deal with prior to taking in clients. In order to treat clients, your staff need to wear a visor, as they’re violating social distancing regulations – failing to wear the visor will result in them being denied access to their workstation and treating clients.

For staff who suffer from certain medical conditions (claustrophobia, asthma, etc.), working in face visors or with station dividers can be difficult – but if an employee is failing to comply with your safety standards, simply because they choose not to, this type of behaviour should not be tolerated. Your team has taken numerous courses on their road to becoming stylists or beauticians, and they should know better than to disregard health and safety measures. When an employee chooses not to wear a face visor or abide by your and the government’s reopening protocols simply because they don’t want to, you may deny them entry into the salon and may be forced to part ways with them. Allowing staff to operate in your salon without following proper safety procedures, either enforced by law or your own, can result in professional negligence on your part, and possible legal consequences. Imagine an employee who decides not to wear their face mask, or clean their work station after each client – a coronavirus carrier gets treated by that employee and the virus spreads like wildfire. Bear in mind that the COVID-19 symptoms may not appear until around two weeks after infection – by then, this employee might have infected a number of clients, resulting in a quarantine being imposed on your business, and possible lawsuits.

Your responsibilities

Your staff are on the front lines when it comes to treating customers, and therefore, you are held accountable for their actions. Under the health and safety law, you are responsible for protecting the health and safety of your staff and clients, and by disregarding staff who don’t comply with reopening protocols enforced by law, you are committing a criminal offence. Aside from this, you may also be found negligent under civil law, if someone is injured or made ill by one of your employees – which in turn may result in a lawsuit being filed against you. If a staff member or client is infected with COVID-19, then by law, you must immediately report the incident to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). After doing so, it is important that you keep records of both client and staff incidents in a secure record system, under the social security law. Storing customer and employee information in Versum is the most secure and convenient option. Keep client consultation forms, visit history, and important notes confidential, as well as staff data.

By providing your team with clear instructions, information, proper training, and addressing any uncertainties prior to reopening, you’ll reduce the possibility of staff surprising you with non-compliance to your protocols – and with Versum, you’ll be able to report everything with ease. Sign up today and be prepared for your reopening!

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