Online booking

So easy. So quick.

A customer realises it’s just about time to pop into your salon. She signs in to the online booking panel, chooses a service, selects an employee and an available time slot. Online booking is fun!

Customer chooses a service Selects a specialist and an opening Books an appointment

The scheduled appointment appears in the employee’s calendar. No other customer will be able to use the time slot. The customer receives a confirmation email and gets back to her business. A day before the appointment, she receives a reminder via email or text.

Quick. Convenient. Handy.

Online booking is the most convenient way to schedule appointments: both for your customers and yourself.

Online booking via PC or smartphone

During the day most of your customers are at work, so they won’t be able to call in order to make a booking. Accessible via desktop or mobile devices, online booking with Versum is much faster and more convenient for both you and your busy customers.

In the evenings or during weekends, when the salon is closed, your customers have much more time to take care of themselves. Thanks to online booking, they can arrange an appointment whenever they want. In just a few clicks!

Your virtual receptionist

Versum is a staff member available 24/7, one that knows your customers inside out and always remembers about everything.

People like these do not exist. Meet Versum - your virtual receptionist. It’s like hiring an additional employee for a fraction of a regular salary. It simply pays off!

Thanks to online booking features provided by Versum you will be able to handle more customers without hiring any additional employees. And those you already have will be finally able to focus on what they do best instead of answering phone calls all the time.

Benefit from well-proven solutions

Our salon and spa scheduling software is an immensely popular tool.

Over 100,000 customers

Used by over 100,000 salon customers, Versum supports thousands of appointment bookings every single day. Among businesses using Versum are ones whose 80% of appointments are booked online. No action is required on the part of employees.

Online booking is used by most desirable customers: young, educated and well-off. That is to say, at the present moment. Soon online booking will become a standard. No reason to wait! Your business may become a pioneer of cutting edge solutions making it stand out from the rest.

Perfect for the small and the big!

Online booking features available in Versum are invaluable for both small and large businesses. How come?

Customizable service for small and large salons

In case of small businesses with just a couple of employees, online booking allows for simultaneous customer handling and booking new appointments. This is why your employees can devote their whole attention to customers. And you don’t lose customers who want to book an appointment but can’t get through to you.

Large salons often employ receptionists who answer calls, work at the cash register, take bookings in person and answer questions. Introducing booking software significantly improves the quality and efficiency of service. Receptionists who do not have to answer the phone all the time are in a better position to address the needs of visitors.

Supercharge your online marketing.

Online booking is an indispensable element of online marketing.

More effective online advertising campaigns

Customers who receive your advertisement can instantly use your offer. Before they change their minds or forget. This is what makes online marketing so effective.

Online booking is extremely useful when placing the offer on deal-of-the-day websites and during marketing campaigns. The system allows you to avoid confusion and book appointments without unnecessary delays. What’s more, customers don’t get discouraged by waiting for their call to be answered.

Enable online booking at any moment

You can do it yourself, without any assistance from a web developer.

Online booking is a feature you can enable at any moment.

The system is equipped with a number of settings which prevent random appointment booking. You can disable automatic bookings via the Internet at any time. However, once you discover how useful this feature is, we guarantee it won’t even cross your mind. Interested? Sign up for free and try yourself!

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