Promote your salon effectively

Put your marketing on an autopilot with Marketing Automation and promote your salon effectively

New customers walk through your door every day. How many of them will be back? Marketing Automation will boost your chances of seeing them again. It monitors customers’ appointment history and chooses the best time to send your customers automatic messages with special offers or invitations for subsequent appointments.

Customer base Appointment and sale history Data analysis Automatic messages More regular customers

Encourage your customers to book more frequently

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Marketing Automation takes advantage of natural opportunities for contact, allowing you to stay in touch with your customers long after their last visit. You can send them automatic check-up appointment reminders or offer complementary products to customers who use a particular treatment.

Increase customer retention

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If clients don’t show up for a longer period, there is a chance you will lose them. Don’t let them switch to your competition!

Marketing Automation monitors your customer base to check which of your customers haven’t scheduled an appointment for a long period of time. If there are such clients, Marketing Automation will send them a special message based on a pre-defined or a custom-made template.

Target your audience

Hit the target
The effectiveness of marketing campaigns improves substantially if the message is suited to the recipient’s preferences. Marketing Automation allows you to optimise your marketing efforts by sending messages only to clients who may be interested in a particular offer.

Encourage clients to continue treatments

Some treatments require multiple, regular visits for the client to see the effects and be satisfied. In order to achieve the desired results, you must persuade your clients to keep coming back. Marketing Automation will do the job for you, sending invitations to customers when the time comes for them to schedule another appointment. You can set dedicated messages for each service or treatment, with their own content and dispatch time, making sure customers receive invitations just when they need them.
1st appointment Invitation to the 2nd appointment Invitation to the 3rd appointment Invitation to the 4th appointment

Watch your business grow

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Campaign effectiveness stats will tell you how many customers have returned to your salon and what revenue has been generated by clients who received Marketing Automation messages.

You will know which campaign is most successful and which messages are most effective. The gathered data will let you optimise your marketing campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

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