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Reduce no-shows with automatic appointment reminders

Time is money. Automatic reminders save you both.

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Whether you run a small family business or a salon chain, no-shows mean the same: lost revenue.

Sent out automatically before scheduled appointments, SMS and email reminders help you save time and money by substantially reducing no-shows - even by 70%.

New message New Look Salon would like to remind you about your appointment on 5 December 2014 at 18:00. We’ll be happy to see you!

Automatic, convenient and effortless

Reminders are sent out automatically. None of your employees need to remember about them and send them manually.

Set reminders convenient for your customers and yourself

Reminders also reduce the number of calls from clients who just want to confirm the date and time of the visit.

They give customers a sense of security: they know they will be reminded about their appointments. Employees are notified about cancelled appointments early enough to serve walk-in customers or offer additional services to customers they are already attending.

Two-way communication between you and your customers

You can customise text and email reminders according to your needs. They are automatically completed with the date and time of the appointment.

Communicate with customers easily

Customers who receive text message reminders can respond to them in order to cancel appointments or notify of late arrivals. Such information should reach you as quickly as possible. While a text message sent to a mobile phone may not be noticed by the staff right away, a response sent by the customer reaches Versum instantly and is clearly visible.

Marketing campaigns

Use Versum to run effective promotional campaigns with SMS and email bulk messaging.

Send messages to all customers

You can send messages in bulk to all the customers in your database or target them to particular groups. This is a convenient way to advertise promotions, new services and products.

You can also use Versum to send out holiday and birthday wishes. This will help build positive customer relationships and improve customer retention.

Targeted promotional campaigns

Search and filter customers based on specific criteria and target them with special offers.

Run targeted marketing campaigns easily

You can choose from a number of in-built filters such as gender, age, spendings, appointment date and many more. For example, you can find customers who have stopped visiting you and prepare a special offer that will win them back. Or customers who purchased a given service and offer them a complementary product. With the ability to combine existing filters your options are limitless.

Versum gives you intuitive and effective tools for creating attractive email messages. You can use them to create your own promotional campaigns to generate appointments during slow traffic periods. A vigorous campaign or an attractive offer can work miracles!

Direct contact with the customer

Versum enables you to send text messages and emails straight from a customer record or the appointment book.

Add a personal touch

Just click the customer's telephone number or email address, enter the message and send it. You can send customers specific information they asked for during a visit, advertise availability of a product they wanted to buy - anything you need to get across.

Messages are archived in the system and available anytime you want. This is just another way to raise customer service quality to a level you would not be able to reach using traditional paper notebooks.

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