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Louise Sumner Skincare Expert

From the moment I connected with Versum it was a different experience. The staff at Versum did not give me the chance to worry about it because as soon as I could find them a gap in my diary Slawo guided me through the features over the phone in a really effective way that made total sense.

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Very user friendly, easily adaptable as the salon grows and evolves. Stylists and practitioners who have never used salon appointment software find Versum non-threatening and a relief to work with. The most rewarding benefit I personally gain is time to concentrate on other areas within the salon, knowing Versum has everything I need.

The River Rooms

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I was putting off even looking at a software program out of fear of using it. I tentatively contacted Versum and was soon chatting with a Representative. He has literally changed the way our business works and since then we've been using Versum's online booking system. Our booking rate increased unbelievably and our lives are so much easier. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with it. I was surprised to find out how easy the system was to use. Their customer service is fantastic, software, excellent, ease of use 5 star. Versum is one of the best companies I have ever worked with.

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