More effective management

Everything you need

Versum gives you everything you need to manage your salon effectively and take the right decisions. The most valuable data your company owns is stored in one location: information on appointments, clients, finances and employees.

Maintain control and react quickly

Keep control over the situation in your business with detailed reports and statistics.

Business intelligence

Real-time data allows you to quickly react to what's going on in your salon - as well as to what your competitors are doing. Business intelligence features help you optimise performance, increase income and improve cost-effectiveness.

All system reports can be exported to Excel files and printed. Not only is this extremely convenient, but it also allows you to take maximum advantage of abundant data gathered in the system.

Effective inventory management

Product and service sales statistics help you predict income.

Effective inventory management

They also make it easier to order products required for upcoming appointments. Better still, Versum automatically generates a list of products running out of stock.

The system gives you continuous control over stock levels and product sales, which makes inventory management more effective. It will also show you what products sell best and generate highest profits.

Employee commission settlement

Single out top performers in your team.

Measure employee effectiveness

Using Versum, you can supervise employees and settle their commission. All you need to do is to generate a report of their sales. Based on such reports you can settle employees' remuneration. All this without arduous manual calculations, endless paper notes and laborious computations at the end of the month.

Real-time cash audit

Versum facilitates meticulous cash audit at the salon - just sit back and watch your income grow!

Get a full picture of the financial situation of the business

Versum will show you clearly how much money there should be in the cash register. Many of our clients have noticed that with the implementation of the system the cash position is correct for the first time and they get a clear picture of the financial situation of the business.

Ease of use

Effective salon management software needs to be both powerful and intuitive. This is where Versum thrives.

Versum has been designed for you and your needs. It gives you all the tools you need and is still simple and fun to use. Implementation does not require any training: everything is straightforward and intuitive. Start using the free version of the software now and you will quickly notice the benefits yourself.

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