Pamper your customers

Look after your customers
like never before

A customer walks into your salon and wants to book an appointment. She asks for her favourite stylist. And for "the usual" service. How long would it take you to find these details in a paper appointment book?

Visit history Discounts Preferences and many more

You know the answer all too well. With Versum, appointment scheduling is much simpler. And more enjoyable. All you need to do is type in the customer's name and you'll get to know not only who she booked her last appointment with, but also what the service was, what discount she was given and what romance film moved her to tears.

All these details - and more - will allow you to understand your customers better and take your customer care to a whole new level.

Everything you need to know about your customers

Versum is a perfect employee who knows your customers inside-out and remembers about everything.

All information on your customers stored in one location

Versum gathers data on your customers, creating a useful customer base. Forget about dusty folders nobody uses and sticky notes nobody can decipher. Versum is much more convenient.

The system contains all information you need to bring customer service to a level your competitors will not be able to reach. The more you know about your clients, the better you understand their needs. This means better service for your customers, higher profit for you. Simple!

Potential you can't reach anywhere else

An electronic customer base is a real help in everyday's work. It gives you capabilities you would never have with paper documentation.

Group your customers according to any criteria.

Available filters allow you to single out customers according to what services they use, how often they visit your salon and what their preferences are. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to create your own successful promotional campaigns targeted at particular groups of clients.

You may promote new services among your regular customers or reach out for those who stopped visiting your salon. Just send them a special offer and win them back!

Full appointment history

A customer asking for "the usual" will not stress out any of your employees ever again.

Automatic creation of appointments and purchases history

Versum automatically creates an appointment history. This enables you to access details of customers' previous appointments quickly and easily.

The system also stores a full list of purchases customers made at your salon. You can use it to better understand your customers’ needs and offer products that will complement their previous purchases. This way you can target a particular customer with a special offer.

Well-organised and convenient appointment book

Forget about browsing through thick paper calendars, full of crossed-out, illegible, enigmatic notes. The Versum appointment book is easy to read, intuitive and quick to use. This is what makes us stand apart.

Manage your appointments quickly

The system autocompletes customer and service names for you. You can also quickly switch to a particular date or the schedule of a particular specialist. To reschedule an appointment, just drag and drop it to a new slot. You can easily check who modified any appointment and when.

Customer data protection

Versum gives you full control over access to your customer data.

Protection of sensitive data

You can configure access levels in a way which will allow only selected employees to access customer contact details. You can also restrict access to customer records in different ways. This is what makes the customer database - one of your most precious assets - perfectly secure.

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