Comfort and security

All you need is an Internet-enabled device. Versum will take care of the rest.

A PC, Mac or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and access to the Internet is all you need to start using Versum.

Access from any place in the world Security of personal data

You don't need to install Versum to use it. You don't need to set up any expensive IT infrastructure.

We deal with any technical matters, updates and backups. We protect your data. Focus on what matters most. We will take care of the rest.

Designed for you and your needs

Versum is a spa and salon management system built around actual needs and experience of hundreds of businesses.

Knowledge supported by experience

Whether they are small family businesses or large, multi-venue chains, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide solutions that will make their everyday work easier, more effective and enjoyable.

Our goal is to surpass your requirements. We constantly add new features, optimise performance and, in short, improve the system with the aim of satisfying all needs of our clients - such as yourself.

Simple payment plans

Payment for using Versum is based on a subscription fee.

Pay only for what you actually use.

Payment plans differ in the number of specialists using the system. You can upgrade or downgrade the plan based on your current needs. This is why you can be sure you pay only for what you actually use.

You can use Versum on multiple devices at the same time. It is available over the Internet and can be accessed from the salon, any office or home. Stay up to date wherever you are! No additional licences. No extra costs.

Sensitive data and customer base protection

Set up different levels of access.

Security of personal data

Your employees will be given access to data and features which really make their everyday work easier. And nothing else.

Versum is equipped with features protecting customer contact details. You can prevent employees from accessing customer contact details such as telephone numbers or email addresses. It’s much more reliable than having the information written down on paper. Being able to use the data stored in the customer base, your employees can provide first-class service. And you can be safe in the knowledge that your customers' personal data is fully protected. The customer database - one of the salon's most precious assets - is perfectly secure.

Unsubscribe at any time

You are not bound by any contracts: you choose the pricing plan and how long to stay with us.

Unsubscribe at any time

If you decide to cancel your subscription you just need to let us know. We give you an electronic copy of all the data stored in the system.

Because the Versum system is so effective and well thought-out, it stands up for itself each month. What we want to bind with is not contracts - it’s excellent service and a salon management system that you will want and enjoy to use.

We're here to help

The Versum system is unique for its intuitiveness and ease of use.

Should you need any support, however, you can rely on us at any time. Because you are in good hands. Because you matter for us. Because your sense of security and satisfation is important. Email or call us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Join hundreds of satisfied clients

Test Versum absolutely free of charge for 14 days.

You can use a full version of Versum absolutely free for 14 days. No obligations, no cancellation fees. Give Versum a try and let it surpass your expectations.

Try Versum

You can use a full-featured version of Versum absolutely free for 14 days.
No obligations, no cancellation fees. Give Versum a try and let it surpass your expectations.