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Easy-to-use and exceptionally handy

Powerful salon and spa management software, Versum stores all information on appointments, customers and finances in one place.
All you need to manage your business effectively is right at your hand. Anytime. Anywhere.

Versum gives you online access to all information you need, at any place and time. Comprehensive reports and statistics keep you informed and help you take the right decisions.

You can manage schedules and commissions, as well as decide what data and features employees have access to. Convenient - and secure!

Sales statistics
November revenue
Ease of access Reports and

Pamper your customers

Equipped with Versum, your business will establish new standards in customer service.

Appointment history Discounts
Preferences And many more

Versum makes appointment booking a breeze. Scheduling visits with a few clicks is just the beginning. Enter customers' names into the system to get instant access to their appointment history, discounts and preferences. Offer complementary services and products. Use all features Versum gives you to exceed the standards of traditional customer care and pamper your customers like never before. They will requite.

Effective marketing campaigns

With Versum, you can easily use bulk messaging to advertise service and product sales, promote new services or even send out birthday and holiday wishes.

Notify specific customer groups Run marketing
Send appointment reminders

Messages can be sent to all customers or selected groups, allowing you to launch your own successful marketing campaigns and attract new customers during quiet periods. Reach your customers before they reach for someone else’s offer!

Automatic appointment reminders are another type of messages that will get your attention. Literally.
They can decrease no-shows by as much as 70%! Sending them simply pays off, especially that you don’t need to do a single thing: Versum will do the job for you.

New message

New Look Salon would like to remind you about your appointment on June 3, 2016 at 18:00. We’ll be happy to see you!

Take advantage of cutting-edge solutions

Looking for a staff member that will be available 24/7, know your customers inside out and always remember about everything? You’ve just found one.

Instant access to service configuration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Convenience and flexibility for your customers

Well, at least a virtual staff member - people like these do not exist. This is why your employees need a set of reliable tools to help them cater for customers’ needs. Enter Versum.

Among other useful features, one will be especially appreciated by both staff members and customers: online booking. It will allow your customers to arrange visits at their convenience, even when your phone is busy. Or outside your opening hours. On a bus, in a restaurant, while walking the dog… In short: whenever and wherever your customers think about it. They will absolutely love it!

Reach out for comfort and security

The only thing you need to start using Versum is an Internet-enabled device: a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Access from any place in the world Personal data

You don't need to install Versum to use it. You don't need to set up any expensive IT infrastructure. Just log in on your PC, Mac or mobile device and enjoy Versum's abundant features.

We take full responsibility for service continuity, any technical matters, updates and backups. We protect your data. Focus on what matters most. We will take care of the rest.

Over 11,000 specialists use Versum

Versum allows me to supervise more than 20 specialists. Today, I can’t imagine managing my salon effectively without the system.
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