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Effective spa management requires great multitasking and organisational skills. Luckily, the best spa management software helps spa owners successfully complete all their everyday tasks, from appointment scheduling to room and equipment management. Learn how you can make your work easier.

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Sell your services 24/7

Sell your services 24/7

Versum is equipped with a neat, easy to use appointment book available from any place. The online booking feature allows your clients to book appointments at any time, using any device. Enjoy the benefits of 24/7 online booking and reduce the time your employees spend on the phone.

SMS reminders and communication

Communicate faster and more effectively

Stay in touch with your customers while they’re away. System for spas from Versum will help you automate the process and build long-lasting customer relationships. Save your time with a wide range of automated messages, such as appointment reminders, birthday wishes, thank-you texts and targeted email campaigns.

Give your clients a unique experience

Give your clients a unique experience

Versum spa program will give you all information you need on your customers, their preferences and a full appointment history, allowing you to bring your service to a whole new level. Pamper your clients even more by running a customer loyalty program and reward them for activities like product and service purchases or referring their friends.

Spa management software - Smooth inventory control

Smooth inventory control

Versum spa inventory management software does the hard work for you – it monitors stock levels and tracks your sales as well as backbar product consumption. The settling of accounts, stocktaking and ordering will all be an absolute breeze. Gift cards and vouchers will help you promote your services and generate more revenue.

Resource management

Spa inventory management

Gift cards

Staff management

Customer reviews

Social media integration

Free online booking page

Loyalty program

Marketing automation

How our clients see Versum spa management software

How our clients see Versum spa management software

This is the best spa system I have used and their customer service is extremely helpful, and very quick to respond. You actually get to talk to a person and express your concerns and they get properly addressed. I am so glad I found Versum. I will never use another spa program, that’s for sure.

Pam Leeladacha
Touch of Siam, Australia

A well-designed online day spa software will allow you to enjoy the benefits of today’s technology, work smoothly and better manage your daily tasks.

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