Spa management software

Spa management software

Running a beauty salon and looking for solutions that will help you take it to the next level? Struggling with the schedule, erased records, rescheduled appointments and illegible handwriting of your co-workers? Too much time spent answering phone calls? Wasting your time on appointments so often forgotten by your customers? The spa management software we have built will help you solve all these problems: Versum replaces the paper schedule, stores all the necessary customer data, creates and updates the history of visits, allows for online booking, and sends automatic notifications via SMS or email. And these are only some of the basic functions.

Maintain order in the documentation

The main advantage of the system is the ability to maintain perfect order in your documentation as well as streamline all the daily operations at any beauty salon or spa. Our software for beauty salons includes a clear, legible appointment book where you can include detailed information on each of your stylists’ schedule. It is possible to add, modify, delete or move appointments. The appointment book guarantees perfect order and easy access to all necessary information for every employee of your salon. You can switch between several views: daily, weekly, monthly, and side-by-side, which shows appointments of all specialists, allowing you to find openings quickly. Thanks to automatic reminders your customers will not forget about their upcoming appointments.

24/7 appointment scheduling

SPA booking software

Your offer will be available to customers regardless of where they are at a given moment. Online booking enables your customers to make appointments 24/7, without leaving their home or making phone calls.

Customers will simply love being able to book appointments (including choosing the specialist) themselves. Spa booking software meets the expectations of a very large group of your potential customers - the ever-growing number of users of the Internet. Providing customers with such a convenient way of booking visits will let you stay ahead of the competition. Your website will become more attractive and customers, having seen your offer, will be able to make an appointment immediately.

Get closer to your customer

Some beauty treatments consist of several stages performed over a specific period of time. A complete appointment history allows you to quickly check what kind of treatment should be performed on a given day. The visits history also enables you to prepare custom offers for each customer, relevant to their needs. Versum allows you to stay in contact with your customers, which, combined with a rating system gives you an opportunity to further refine your offers and build long-lasting relations. The feature of sending a newsletter to your customers gives you the opportunity to inform them about current promotions in your salon.

Software for beauty salon management

Extensive statistics and reports give you a real-time insight into the current situation in the salon. You'll quickly find out which of the employees are most frequently picked up by your customers and which services are the most popular. You'll also get a detailed information about the revenue generated by the salon each day, allowing you to adjust the work schedule, plan future promotions and measure the effects of your marketing activities. Remote, mobile access to the software makes it easy to keep track of any recent developments in the salon. Whether you are at home, at work or on a holiday, Versum is always there for you online. You can use it via a web browser and it does not require installing any additional software and/or taking care of regular updates or maintenance. This eliminates the basic technical problems that may occur when using desktop programs. One of the main advantages is the professional, secure data archivization, making it immune to fortuitous events such as theft, fire, hardware malfunction, etc.

Why is Versum unmatched?

What are the distinctive features of Versum - the top beauty and spa scheduling software? What makes it worthy of your attention?

Firstly, cutting-edge, innovative technology and up-to-date solutions. Versum allows for running successful promotions for all kinds of beauty salons thanks to its ability to distribute links to a convenient online booking platform.

It organizes and streamlines the daily operations of any salon, saving employees, managers and owners loads of time. Due to continuous development of new features and functionalities, the salon & spa software is closely aligned to the needs of customers. All of the users' opinions, comments and requests help to improve functionality of the system even more effectively.

Check out our spa software for free!

This professional software for a beauty salon and spa is now available free of charge. For 14 days you get to test it for free, then you can decide on one of the three packages offered. It's a risk-free offer - nothing to lose, everything to gain. If Versum does not meet your expectations, you can opt out at any time. Have questions or concerns? Please don't hesitate to contact us.